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An online master’s degree in international management can help businessmen and women be successful in an increasingly globalized world. It is no longer sufficient to have knowledge of the local economy – or even the entire domestic market. Especially for large corporations, understanding how to sell products internationally, market to distinct groups, trade with companies in other countries, and build a global brand are vital to their expansion.

If you currently work in the business world but are having trouble getting ahead, you might want to consider returning to school for a master’s degree. Thanks to the convenience and affordability of online education, you now have the opportunity to accomplish this goal without quitting your day job. Many colleges and universities will let you enroll online and take all your classes at your own convenience. You might even be able to earn your entire degree without ever setting foot on a campus!


Unfortunately, when it comes to online graduate degrees in international management, there aren’t a ton of choices. The good news is that almost all the programs that are available are fairly inexpensive. We took the time to research all of them and, after verifying their quality and accreditation, select the fourteen least expensive schools per the U.S. Department of Education’s College Navigator database. They are listed below in order from most to least expensive, and they’re all available for $23,000 a year or less!

14. Southern New Hampshire University

Online MBA: International Business Graduate Certificate

The International Business Graduate Certification at Southern New Hampshire University was named a Best Online Degree Program in  New Hampshire Business Review’s  Best of Business Reader’s Poll. Students learn about international business environments, trends, and and financial and management systems in order to prepare them for a wide variety of multinational careers. The curriculum emphasizes the influence of economic, political, and social factors on international corporations, the development of effective and appropriate negotiation skills, and international business strategy. Graduates of the program are candidates for positions in international trade, marketing, project development, and management.

Tuition:  $22,572/yr

13. University of Alabama

Online MA in Management With a Concentration in Global Business Management

The University of Alabama offers an M.A. in Management with a concetration in Global Business Management that is both flexible and thorough. The online MA in Management with a Concentration in Global Business Management degree program teaches students about the complexities of global management and leadership in a multicultural environment. Graduates develop an in depth understanding of accounting, economics, marketing, and finance from an international and managerial perspective.  U.S. News & World Report  ranked the university’s Manderson Graduate School of Business as the #12 Best Online Graduate Business Program, as well as the #5 Best Online Graduate Business Programs for Veterans.

Tuition:  $9,450/yr (In-state) $29,286/yr (Out-of-state)

12. Indiana University

Online MS in Global Supply Chain Management

Indiana University’s online M.S. in Global Supply Chain Management degree is a high quality degree that gives students full control over their education. Enrollees can choose to complete the thirty hour master’s program in anywhere from fifteen months to five years. This makes it an excellent choice both for students who want to earn their degree as quickly as possible and for students who are also working full-time or whose study may be interrupted. The coursework teaches students material sourcing, accounting, distribution, operations, and inventory management in order to prepare for them for the modern global market.  U.S. News  ranked IU’s business school as the #1 Best Online Graduate Program – a true testament to its academic excellence.

Tuition:  $7,957/yr (In-state) $28,863/yr (Out-of-state)

11. Florida Institute of Technology

Online Master of Business Administration – International Business

The online MBA in International Business degree at the Florida Insitute of Technology provides a collaborative, hands-on education that is unlike other graduate business programs. The program uses a method approach in which students apply their studies in statistics, economics, marketing, and other areas to create their own fully realized business plan. Students typically complete the MBA degree in two years or less, after which they are prepared to meet the challenges of the international business world. Times Higher Education  has ranked Florida Tech in the Top 200 Universities in the World, giving students an edge in the highly competitive field.

Tuition:  $14,724/yr

10. Florida International University

Master of International Business Online

Florida International University offers an online Masters in International Business degree that helps graduates stand out in the world of global management. The program includes a unique consultancy project that enables students to practice their knowledge by helping companies solve real world problems. Students learn how to excel as leaders, team-builders, and communicators through professional development seminars. The Business faculty is more than 60% international, ensuring that students get an education from multiple real-life perspectives.  U.S. News  recently recognized the twelve month long program as the #62 Best Online MBA Program available.
Tuition:  $8,652/yr (In-state) $20,174/yr (Out-of-state)

9. Dallas Baptist University

Online MBA With an International Business Concentration

Dallas Baptist University’s MBA with a concentration in International Business online is an excellent choice for students who wish to incorporate their faith with their education and career. The Christian university has also been recognized as a Military Friendly school, which means that veterans and active duty military students are eligible for additional financial support. The MBA coursework integrates international perspectives on business and culture with the strategic skills necessary to successfully manage a multinational corporation. Graduates can take on a wide variety of careers in international business, which gives them freedom and flexibility in their future careers.

Tuition:  $13,410/yr

8. University of Phoenix

Online Master of Business Administration With a Concentration in Global Management

The University of Phoenix provides an online MBA with a concentration in Global Management degree that reflects current trends and research on business topics to help students succeed in a changing field. The curriculum includes national standardized tests on graduate business to put students’ knowledge in context. Courses cover all the essential areas of business management, including topics such as Global Strategy Formulation & Implementation and Business Law. Data from the  Barron’s Guide to Colleges  demonstrates that University of Phoenix alumni typically earn more that alumni from competing traditional schools throughout every level of their career.

Tuition:  $13,410/yr

7. Marist College

Online MBA in International Business Master’s Degree Program

The online International Masters of Business Administration degree at Marist College is a financially-focused, online degree from a school that has been delivering high quality online degrees for over a decade. The International concentration is made up of four courses: International Economics, International Marketing, Corporate Financial Theory and Practice, and Financial Markets and Institutions. Graduates of the program learn the importance of production and distribution for international corporations and the decision-making processes involved in investment, marketing, and management.  U.S. News  recently ranked Marist College’s online Master of Business Administration at #46 in its Best Online Graduate Programs category.

Tuition:  $12,960/yr

6. Tiffin University

Online MBA International Business

Tiffin University’s online MBA in International Business degree teaches graduates how to manage both established multinational corporations and smaller national companies who are seeking international success. The International Business concentration is designed to help build students build awareness of the challenges of global commerce through the study of management, marketing, finance, investment, and international trade. Graduates often go on to apply their managerial and professional skills in nonprofit and government organizations, in addition to the more typical corporate sector. According to student reviews on Graduateprograms.com, Tiffin University offers the 45th Best Online Graduate Program in the United States.
Tuition:  $12,600/yr

5. University of North Dakota

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Online – Concentration in International Business

The University of North Dakota offers an online MBA with a concetration in International Business degree, that focuses on both leadership and communication. The MBA curriculum emphasizes the process of successful decision making, which includes problem diagnosis and the implementation of effective solutions. The concentration in International Business requires three additional credits and a course of study in cultural language, plus nine credits from a foreign college or university. This ensures that students are exposed to another outlook on international business while still maintaing the ease and flexibility of online classes.  U.S. News  recently ranked the University of North Dakota the 32nd Best Online MBA Program in the nation.

Tuition:  $6,626/yr (In-state) $17,690/yr (Out-of-state)

4. University of Scranton

Master’s in International Business Online

The online Masters in International Business degree at the University of Scranton is based on Jesuit values of ethics and social responsibility. This is reflected in the program’s emphasis on an understanding of cultural differences and how they are reflected in foreign business practices. Students learn to identify the short term and long term ramifications of global financial, economic, and political issues, and how to apply their knowledge to successfully manage cross-cultural operations. The University of Scranton won recognition when  U.S. News  ranked it #51 in its Best Online Graduate Business Programs category.

Tuition:  $10,497/yr

3. National University

Online Master of Global Management

National University’s online Master’s degree in Global Management is designed especially for professionals who have been promoted or expect to be promoted from a technical field into a management position. The curriculum provides a thorough grounding in business and management essentials. This includes decision-making, leadership, communication, and financial skills, all specifically designed to help graduates succeed in their roles as global managers and administrators. According to a recent survey by College Prowler, 92% of National University students said that the education they are receiving is well worth the price of tuition.

Tuition:  $10,368/yr

2. University of Maryland University College

Online Master of International Management

The University of Maryland University College provides an online Master’s of International Management degree that is intended specifically for established professionals who want to take their career to the next level. The program focuses on the development of high-level managerial skills, such as the assessment of competitive structure of industries, building business and marketing plans, creating market-entry strategies, and managing national and international risk. The aim of the curriculum is to help graduates build an in-depth understanding of how global business affects their indiviudal management within the organization. In 2015, UMUC took the top spot in  Military Times’  “Best for Vets” ranking of online and nontraditional schools.
Tuition:  $8,244/yr (In-state) $11,862/yr (Out-of-state)

1. Colorado State University Global

Online Master’s Degree in International Management

International Management students at Colorado State University Global take advantage of a well-established online university with an impressive international outreach.  U.S. News  honored CSU Global with the #53 spot on their list of Best Online Graduate Business Programs. The university’s online International Management degree emphasizes use of the most up-to-date technology and digital systems in order to protect their organization’s infrastructure and data while maintaining a competitive edge over the global market. A degree in International Management from CSU Global is an excellent addition to any professional’s resume and can help lead graduates to success.

Tuition:  $9,000/yr

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