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The integral role computers play in both our personal and business words has made the employment outlook for the information systems security field very good.

Computers and similar electronics are used to store data and important information. As important as storing this information may be, it’s even more important that it be stored safely. This is best performed by information systems security professionals. Learn about the field of information systems security and what to expect in terms of career outlook and potential.

What is Information Systems Security?

Information systems security, also called INFOSEC, is a field that involves the safe storage, processing, usage and retrieval of information. Information systems security can be found in almost every industry or business. INFOSEC is used not only to protect data on computers but also in tablets, Internet usage, email and even our telephones.

Information systems security protects that data and also ensures there are no security breaches. An information systems security analyst or manager is able to, through risk assessment, detect a security breach and prevent the breach from taking place. It’s safe to say that anywhere you find computers or Internet access, you will find some type of information systems security.

How to Become an Information Systems Security Specialist

Professionals in the information systems security specialist field may be called computer and information systems managers, information technology (IT) project managers or information technology managers. Most information systems security specialists have at least a bachelor’s degree in information science or computer science with concentrations in information security. They also have knowledge of computer programming, computer software, software development and Internet security. Many IT specialists also pursue graduate degrees and become IT directors.

Employment Outlook

According to the  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  (BLS), computer and information systems managers should see an employment growth of 15 percent between 2014 and 2024. This faster-than-average growth is mostly attributed to the increasing use of digital platforms. With the number of cyber and security breaches increasing every year, businesses will continue to implement stronger security systems. This will increase the need for information systems security specialists.

Two industries that utilize these professionals the most are healthcare and insurance. The BLS reports that information systems security managers working in the insurance industry may see an employment growth of 24 percent. The top five industries where these professionals typically work are information, computer system designs, finance and insurance, manufacturing and management of companies and enterprises.

Salary Potential

A May 2015 BLS report states that the average annual wage for computer and information systems managers was $131,600. Those in the lower 10% earned $80,160 while those in the top 90% earned about $166,160. The five states where the highest wages were earned in 2015 were New York, California, New Jersey, Virginia, and Delaware, according to the BLS.  Glassdoor.com  reports that the national average annual wage for information systems security officers was around $98,838 as of May 2016. Factors that can affect earning potential include years of experience, the level of training and education, type of industry and geographical location.

As long as the world continues its need for computers and the Internet, the employment outlook for the information systems security field will continue to be very strong. Whether it is entry-level positions or IT management positions, there will always be the need for information systems security.

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