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If you’re interested in the possibility of pursuing a career in the field of public health, you might be wondering about the future job prospects for workers in this niche. Are public healthcare officials currently in demand? Are there any skills or academic credentials that could improve the employment outlook for an aspiring public healthcare worker? Let’s take a look at the future employment outlook for professionals working in the field of public healthcare.

Prominent Jobs Available in the Field of Public Health and the Projected Outlook for Each

Public healthcare is a broad, diverse niche that requires a wide range of scientific and professional expertise. There are workers in the field researching infectious diseases, combating threats of bioterrorism, improving food security and educating the public about circumstances that threaten health and well being.

There are several positions that perform some of the field’s most important work:

Experts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast rising demand for individuals who have the expertise to perform the jobs of medical services manager, healthcare worker and educator. They’ve projected that US employers, including governments and insurance companies, will be adding 17 percent more managers and 13 percent more of these other jobs to the US workforce by the year 2024. Predicted growth in demand for epidemiologists is not as impressive at only 6 percent.

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There are likely to be ample opportunities available for job seekers in the field of public healthcare, but the employment outlook is not as spectacular as the outlook projected for workers seeking positions in the private healthcare sector. In general, experts at the BLS predict 19 percent growth for  all healthcare occupations as a group  by 2024.

Where Are the Best Chances of Finding Employment as a Public Healthcare Worker?

The Center for Disease Control is the USA’s highest profile public healthcare agency employing over 14,000 scientists, administrators and public healthcare workers. You can check their website for  job openings at the CDC.  Other possible employers of public healthcare workers include healthcare facilities, physicians’ offices, governments, nonprofit organizations, insurance companies, corporations, private businesses and educational institutions.

Which Academic Credentials and Skills Improve the Employment Outlook for Public Healthcare Workers?

Community health workers can improve their job prospects by obtaining a college degree, by becoming fluent in more than one language and by gaining experience working with patients in a specific population group.

Epidemiologists can improve their chances of finding work by taking a generalist approach to their careers rather than focusing on an overly narrow specialization within the field. A master’s degree is now an essential requirement for obtaining entry-level work in this occupation.

Aspiring medical managers can improve their employment prospects by keeping informed of current information technology trends. It’s also important for professionals in this field to obtain the skills and expertise necessary to implement and use electronic record keeping systems on behalf of their hiring organizations.

The public healthcare niche is one that’s of critical importance to world citizens living everywhere. Considering the compelling nature of the work and the growing demand for healthcare workers, this is an excellent time to embark on a stimulating career in the field of public health.

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