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Environmental writing is a career that will keep you well-informed on current environmental events. From conferences to oil spills, your career could cover it all. This guide will give you some insight into the obligations of a science writer and how a writing career can work for you.

Green Technology And More

If you’ve got a passion for environmentally friendly technology, ecological trends and evidence-based discussions, environmental writing is definitely for you. As an environmental writer, you have a wide variety of niches in which to succeed. You may leverage your environmental knowledge to become a copywriter and help businesses sell green products. Instead, maybe you’ll pursue journalism and keep the world up-to-date on the latest news in green technology. You might even focus on making complicated science understandable to the common reader.

The Rise Of Environmentalism

It’s no question whether the discussion around environmentally-friendly practices has grown over the past few decades. What was once a niche subject is now a much more popular one, and for good reason. Davis Guggenheim’s 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth helped popularize the evidence for human-caused climate change.

Today, activists like Asad Rehman and Mark Lynas fight for policy change through conferences, protests and the written word. As an environmental writer, you’ll have the power to shape opinions and inform the public on issues vital to the Earth and global economy.

How Does A Writing Career Work?

If you’ve heard that writers don’t make enough money, you’ll be happy to know that environmental writing is a practical specialization, especially when paired with an advanced degree. If you can demonstrate knowledge and relevant certifications, it’s possible to slowly build a portfolio of work that will net you more opportunities in the future.

Although you don’t necessarily have to work freelance, it’s a great way to break into the industry and focus on building contacts. Start out by creating polished samples of your work and then start looking for opportunities. From your local newspaper to an outdoor publication, your professional writing skills are invaluable.

Potential Freelance Problems

Anyone working in a creative field is familiar with freelance clients who don’t pay up. It’s incredibly helpful to learn how to draft a contract, what to charge, and how to do your taxes. Staying on top of these details when freelancing is the key to running a successful business.

Ideally, you’ll accept 50% of the payment upfront and 50% upon receipt of the final product. In your contract, you should limit the number of accepted revisions so your client doesn’t request excessive changes that extend your work. When you first start out as a freelance environmental writer, you may have to work for low pay. However, be sure never to charge less than 1 cent per word even at the beginning, as your earning potential is ultimately much higher. You should ultimately charge 10 cents or more per word, as your specialized knowledge is highly valuable in this industry.

With these tips in mind, it’s easy to see how this career is a great choice for anyone with a penchant for science. Instead of staying cooped up in a lab, you’ll read all about environmental issues, eco-friendly gadgets and more with a career in environmental writing.

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