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Without today’s facility manager, much of the infrastructure and tangible business assets we all are quite accustomed to would quickly fail and rot away. So, who is this manager exactly, and what is it that they do to prevent such ruin? Let’s take a look at today’s facility manager.

Facilities Management

Before we look to the specifics of the vocation of the facility manager, it’s helpful to have a basic grasp of the general aligns of facility management. Facility management is the managerial branch of a company that specifically handles matters relating to the physical facilities and properties of that company. Whether it’s a sidewalk trip-fall hazard or a matter of on-site energy management, facilities management is all about maintaining the physical properties. Beyond simply maintaining such physical assets, however, facilities management also seeks to assure safety, code compliance, property equity, and any other positive effects gleaned from proactive facilities management.

The Facilities Manager, Context

Having touched on facilities management as a general practice and business matter, let’s now move on to discuss the specifics of the facilities manager therein. The facilities manager is essentially the reporting head of all of the efforts mentioned above within an organization or company. Whether employed alone or as the head of an entire team of property maintenance workers, this professional is the responsible party for this aspect of business concerns.

Context is another important aspect of this professional’s job. A facilities manager at a network of laboratories may have a more keen eye on special equipment, the special utilities needed to operate that equipment, and a setup that encourages an ultra-clean environment. On the other hand, a facilities manager for a restaurant chain may find themselves more concerned with cooking equipment, the exhaust systems of that equipment, fire safety, the use of food-friendly materials, and other factors. Yet another environmental context might find a facilities manager at an apartment rental company more concerned with matters of curb appeal and residential apartment functionality.

Specific Duties

To get an even better idea of what this professional does on a daily basis, we can look to some key duties often associated with this position. Just a few examples are as follows.

– Meet with corporate management to review facility management matters.

– Hire, fire, and otherwise maintain an appropriate workforce of maintenance professionals.

– Maintain a facility management budget.

– Maintain outside service contracts, an on-site parts inventory, and other means that allow for all aspects of property maintenance.

– Inspect properties and facilities proactively.

– Work with local codes and other, overseeing, inspecting agencies of government so as to facilitate steady safety and good standing.

– Identify and address safety and risk concerns above all others.

– Continuously look for ways to improve any and all aspects of facilities and property.

In conclusion, it is facility management efforts that keep the places we visit, work in, and depend on in a safe and functional condition. The manager of this department or specific business goal is the individual at the helm of all of these matters. For more information on the career of today’s facilities manager or of the general practice itself, the International  Facility Management Association  is a great place to research further.

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