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Throughout a  TESOL  degree program, you will be able to enjoy a number of highly valuable courses that focus on improving not only your ability to teach English, but also your proficiency as a leader in all settings. The field of teaching and learning English skills is highly diverse and kaleidoscopic, which means that being able to stay on top of all of the changes in said field while sharpening your own skills is essential for being a competent TESOL educator. The following are all some of the most common courses in a TESOL program that you’ll be offered when you participate in them.


The grammar courses that you complete in a TESOL program will equip you with the right tools to build an effective method for teaching grammar as a concept. In your TESOL program’s grammar courses, you’ll essentially be educated in ways to more effectively discuss grammar in clearer and more concise ways.

It’s not just about the objective rules related to the grammar concepts that you know, but also how fluidly you’re able to pass them on to those that you teach. The proficiency that students are capable of achieving in all subjects, whether English or mathematics, is oftentimes based on how comfortable and self-assured they are in their ability to perform well if they keep trying. After your TESOL courses teach you how to communicate somewhat complex grammar concepts more confidently, you’ll find that the confidence you exude in the subject is contagious and allows your students to become more receptive and confident in their ability to digest the grammar lessons you give them.

Cultural Context Comprehension Training

Due to the potentially large differences in culture that you’ll likely run into as a TESOL instructor, it’s important to understand how these differences may impact just how quickly you’re able to communicate certain concepts. It’s important not to confuse simple cultural differences with learning disabilities, and so TESOL preparation programs will give you the right frame of mind to understand how a cultural difference and learning disability can be differentiated.

More Effective General Teaching And Training Methods

When teaching English as a second language, the same basic principles of effective teaching that apply to any other subject taught to students with English as their first language still apply just as much when teaching students learning it as a second language. You’ll need to make sure that you’re not only capable of communicating the principles of the English language’s rules, but also that you know what the most effective methods are for ensuring that students have the best possible chance at picking up on any information you share with them at the best pace that they can realistically manage.

Subject-Sensitive Training Courses

If you intend on teaching mathematics or science to students picking up English as a second language, TESOL offers courses that shed just as much light on the most effective practices that you can make to facilitate better success. Helping students develop better mathematical and scientific comprehension through a language barrier can take a certain kind of approach to accomplish successfully, and through these courses, you can put the odds in your favor by using proven methods.

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