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What kind of job requires a degree in Renaissance Studies? Students interested in the liberal arts often ask themselves how their potential degree can be applied to their career. With a little creative thinking, a humanities degree can be a launching pad for almost any job. That’s because the basic skills of a bachelor’s degree in arts — critical thinking, communication, and research — are needed for every company and non-profit organization. Here are four of the many jobs that a student of renaissance or medieval studies can obtain.


One of the secrets about law school is that students’ undergraduate majors don’t play a large role in their success in the law field. An English major, liberal studies graduate and a renaissance or history major will all have similar skills in law school and practice. That’s why students interested in a legal career should choose the humanities subject they are passionate about. The writing and rhetoric skills learned in a bachelor of arts degree will help lawyers write convincing briefs and make strong arguments in the courtroom. According to  CNN,  liberal arts graduates earn a median of $69,000 after obtaining a J.D.


The literary and historical impact of the Renaissance continues to inform today’s society. A proper education requires an understanding of Shakespeare, Monet, and Chaucer. That’s why renaissance studies majors can turn to teaching. Secondary schools need dedicated history and art teachers, while universities require professors to keep a passion for the Middle Ages alive. For students who want a career talking about their favorite historical subjects, teaching is the answer.

Corporate Manager

According to  the Wall Street Journal,  corporations want liberal arts students. A poll by the National Association of Colleges and Employees found that 80 percent of the top skills wanted by employers are emphasized in liberal arts programs: Teamwork, clear writing, strong oral communications and problem-solving aptitude. Humanities graduates will have to pitch themselves as well-rounded experts with valuable soft skills. With the right hiring manager, ren studies majors can find work as program managers, business analysts or technical communicators. Pursuing a minor in business or marketing is a smart idea for liberal arts majors interested in the corporate world.

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Publisher / Author

The publishing industry is facing massive changes. E-books are consuming an increasing amount of the market as e-readers proliferate. Publishing companies need dynamic thinkers with strong literary skills to help shake things up. Because renaissance majors spend so much of their undergraduate career reading, they’re a perfect fit for publishing. Enterprising students can also use their skills to form independent publishing firms or turn to writing. Books like “The Da Vinci Code,” “Game of Thrones” and “Outlander” demonstrate that readers can’t get enough of well-researched historical fiction.

Adding a part-time job or internship to a resume is another way students can enhance their post-graduation job skills. Students should seek opportunities relevant to their career interests. A degree in Renaissance Studies is a viable option for a long-term career if students are willing to carefully plan their undergraduate years or are more interested in following their passions than lining their pockets.

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