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A Master’s in Health Administration opens up a lot of doors for today’s graduate. This is an internationally recognized degree program, which is available through some of the most reputable universities in the United States. This highly accredited program qualifies an individual to work in a professional capacity within a number of industries affiliated with healthcare, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and transportation. Its basis in strong organizational and leadership abilities primes the skilled candidate for advancement into a wide range of executive positions.

So, what do you need to do, in order to receive your Master’s in Health Administration?

Stand Out as an Undergraduate Student

While pursuing your secondary education, as well as your Bachelor’s program, you should have exemplary academic marks. One of the biggest ways to improve your chances of acceptance to your program of choice, however, is to make yourself stand out in ways beyond the world of academics. Involve yourself in student organizations, charitable works, and internship opportunities which are directly related to the field of healthcare administration. Make your interest in your intended field obvious, and make your dedication stand out above that of other applicants. This can take a lot of effort, but it does wonders for improving your odds when it comes time for your graduate program application.

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Test Scores and Evaluations

Regardless of your background and performance, there will be standardized evaluations required of you prior to your acceptance into a Master’s program. These results must typically fall within a five-year period leading up to the time of your application, or else retesting may be required. If you are a student from a non-English-speaking country, you may be required to take an English language proficiency test. Healthcare administration is a field that relies substantially upon leadership and communications skills, so language proficiency is an important aspect of the admissions process.

Program Requirements

A Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration typically requires a minimum of forty-two to forty-four hours of coursework. Most schools will also require either a field experience, or a thesis, with either one having an obligation of a minimum of six to eight hours. Rather than being up to the student’s preference, it is likely to be based strongly on their history in the healthcare administration field. For students who received their undergraduate degree in a different, but closely related field, a cognate of 9-12 hours may be offered to improve their overall qualifications. Principal coursework in healthcare administration will include management strategy and organizational dynamics, data generation, and statistical analysis. It will also involve a range of healthcare-related fields, including infectious disease control, epidemiology, and sociology (specifically, how a person’s social and economic circumstances can affect their need for healthcare).

With a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from  an accredited American institution , you are highly qualified for a range of responsible positions, working within the government or private sectors. There are employment opportunities available to you across the globe. By maintaining a strong record as an undergraduate, and involving yourself in your desired field in ways that demonstrate a strong personal commitment, you improve your chances of being accepted to the prestigious graduate program of your choice.

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