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A business degree isn’t the only good precursor for an MBA. MBA programs are educationally interdisciplinary by design, making a wide variety of different undergraduate study areas applicable to the world’s  most popular master’s degree . There are multiple ways that a bachelor’s in communications can be made relevant as a precursor to an MBA, and the following are just a few examples.

Advertising Fluidity

All prominent leaders in business understand the value of communication for success. Without high-quality communication, it wouldn’t be nearly as possible for some of the best ideas to be conveyed to business partners and the public. Naturally, different industries and business will necessitate different styles of communication in order for unique ideas to be conveyed the most effectively.

When a bachelor’s in communications is combined with a specialized base of knowledge in a specific industry, a bachelors in communications can give the degree holder a uniquely strong ability to convey certain propositions convincingly. With a bachelor’s in communications, an MBA can be a good fit for those with a desire to work in public relations. Effective communications in businesses isn’t just about advertising, but also being able to touch base with the public in a way that puts in in a positive light.

Abstracting Technical Propositions More Clearly

Completing a communications programs can give a graduate the ability to apply their communication skills to create more relatability for businesses heavy with technical jargon. Some of the most valuable technological solutions in the business world suffer from a lack of concise messages to communicate their value, but a communications professional can ensure that this need is met. A bachelor’s in communications combined with an MBA can give a person the right skill set to communicate even the most complex intricacies of a highly technical businesses clearly.

Inspiring Confidence In New Ideas

The world of business as we know it is built upon the initiative of those with the initiative to communicate what they envision for the future. Some of the most valuable contributions to the economy are only made possible by those who understood the right ways to communicate their aspirations in a manner that no one else had figured out how to do before.

It takes not only good business sense, but also proficiency in community outreach and persuasion to give a business the amount of momentum that it needs to catch wind. Everything from securing investors to compelling crowdfunding campaigns will come down to the quality of communication that a business has, meaning that a bachelor’s in communications with an MBA can be highly valuable for spearheading innovation.

Communications/MBA Dual Degree Programs

While communications programs and MBA programs rarely have very many elements of one another in their designs, there are joint MBA/communication programs made to satisfy those who want a systematic overlap. A communications/MBA dual degree program can provide the unique and powerful base of experience that those who want to apply the communications ability to the field of business can find extraordinarily valuable.

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