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Wondering what a typical property manager salary range is? Considering that property managers live in diverse geographic locations and fill a broad range of roles in contemporary society, their pay rates can differ significantly. Let’s take a look at typical property managers’ salaries, along with some of the factors that influence the size of a property manager’s paychecks.

Typical Salary Rates for Property Managers in the United States

In 2016, the typical pay range for  property managers and community association managers  in the USA fell between $28,260 at the lower end and $126,390 at the high end. 80 percent of workers in the occupation earned salary amounts that fell between these markers. 10 percent of the lowest-paid managers in the group earned less, and 10 percent of the highest-paid managers in the group earned more.

As a group,  property managers in the USA  were earning median annual salaries of $57,040 in 2016. Median hourly pay rates that year were $27.42. The mean salary figures that year were $70,290 and $33.79, respectively.

Industries in the USA That Pay Their Property Managers the Best Salaries

The oil and gas industry has a need for property managers who have a solid grasp of mineral rights issues. These job opportunities are limited to relatively small geographic areas, as the job description typically involves managing properties or acquiring mineral rights in areas where there are shale oil deposits. While there are not many jobs available in this niche, property managers in the oil and gas industry are among the best-paid professionals in the field. They earn mean annual salaries of $141,880.

Wired telecommunications corporations also pay their property managers well. Their mean annual earnings compute to $125,630.

Successful real estate brokers often operate property management divisions as part of their business operations. The property managers working with these organizations earn median annual salaries of $57,570.

Geographic Locations in the USA Where Property Managers Are Paid Best

San Francisco has one of the hottest real estate markets in the USA right now. This city also had the distinction of being the most lucrative metro area for property managers in 2016. Their mean earnings that year were $128,640.

When property managers’ salaries are analyzed by state, New York is the current winner for best-paid managers. New York-based property managers earned mean annual salaries totaling $115,770 in 2016. When the data is broken down by metropolitan area, two of New York’s cities were in the top 10 list of highest paying metropolitan areas. The most lucrative of these is the Nassau County / Suffolk County metropolitan division, whose property managers earned mean annual salaries of $117,370 in 2016.

2016 was a prosperous year for Rhode Island’s property managers. The group enjoyed mean salaries of $93,460.

Property Manager Salary in Australia

Australia is currently experiencing a housing boom. In cities like Melbourne where government home building initiatives are creating substantial amounts of new construction projects, there are ample opportunities for property managers to conduct successful careers.  Commercial property managers in Australia  earn average annual paychecks of AU$66,056; property managers working in Melbourne are likely to earn about 40 percent more, on average.

It’s an exciting time to undertake a career in property management. This is an outstanding choice of occupations that’s well suited to individuals who have exceptional talents for problem solving, listening, speaking, organizing and analyzing. Now that you have a clearer understanding of what a typical property manager salary range is, you’re better equipped to decide if you’d like to pursue this type of work.

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