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The American Bar Association has a division known as the ABA for Law Students. It is an excellent resource for law students in all stages of their educational careers. Below are some of the reasons becoming a member of the ABA student organization can be incredibly beneficial.

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Networking Opportunities

One of the best benefits of joining any professional organization is the networking opportunities they afford. The ABA gives all legal professionals and law students access to the largest law-related professional network in the country. Because most legal professionals are affiliated with the Bar Association, it is one of the best places for students to network with other students and established legal professionals. This network will give students more access to jobs and a greater ability to grow as professionals.

Familiarization With The Organization

The American Bar Association, commonly known as the ABA, is an incredibly important organization in the lives of legal professionals, particularly lawyers. Most lawyers are members of the ABA and they are required to be licensed by the bar in their state. Membership in the ABA helps familiarize students with the organization (and its rules) that essentially govern the entire legal industry. Legal ethics standards are largely determined by the ABA, which students must adhere to throughout their entire professional legal careers. Beginning to understand legal ethics as a student will make it easier to pass legal ethics classes and prevent future ethics violations.

Discounts and Perks

Members of this organization get exclusive discounts and perks. According to the  ABA for Law Students , this includes Quimbee Study Aids, Bar preparation study aids, discounts on certain textbooks and the benefits of ABA Advantage. ABA Advantage includes many important products that law students need, such as office supplies, technology, software programs, insurance and more. It even gives discounts on travel, such as hotel rooms and car rentals. This perk has the positive side effect of saving money and potentially lessening student debt.

Training and Education

One of the main functions of professional organizations, including the ABA, is to assist in the education and training of future professionals in that field. The ABA offers training courses, online resources, publications, blogs and more to help future legal professionals learn and hone their craft. This serves as excellent supplementary learning material to law school classes. It helps students fully understand and learn the material so they can perform better at school and in their professional careers.

Career Assistance

The ABA’s program for law students is also meant to aid students as they transition into their professional careers. This includes access to the ABA’s job board, internship listings and webinars with industry professionals. Internships are critical in particular because they give students hands-on work experience as well as professional references that can be essential in securing a job. It also has quizzes to help students assess their preferences and decide on the right career path for them.

Law students affiliated with the ABA have more opportunities and benefits than non-members. The ABA for Law Students is a membership option offered by the American Bar Association that can be beneficial to all law students.

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