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With a job in  counterterrorism , you’ll play a vital role in preserving the safety of the country against the kinds of threats you many in the population might not even be immediately aware of. Even though the media may give viewers a certain kind of filtered perspective on terrorists’ activities and direct conflicts with them, the truth of the matter is that many operations against terrorists are executed proactively rather than in a reactive way. The field takes a great deal of in-depth research, extended surveillance periods and patience.

If you’re interested in becoming a valuable professional in any of the counterterrorism jobs there are, then you’ll need to have a number of highly important qualities that indicate your dependability in high-stakes situations. To ensure that you’ve got the best chance at being perceived as a valuable candidate for any counterterrorism jobs that you apply for, you’ll want to keep the following requirements in mind.

Education Requirement

Different counterterrorism tasks may call for different kinds of specific education, but no matter what kind of position it is that you’re aiming for, a track record of consistently high grades will always be a highly attractive attribute to recruiters.

The most common kind of undergraduate program that those interested in counterterrorism jobs is a bachelor of science in terrorism and counterterrorism studies. In a terrorism and counterterrorism program, you’ll be given a wide pool of lessons that are relatively interdisciplinary in nature. The effectiveness of counterterrorism requires the collaborative contribution of knowledge from various forms of specialized knowledge, and so naturally, you’ll benefit from sharpening your knowledge across the field of the fundamentals related to politics, history, statistics and foreign relations.

A degree beyond a bachelor’s isn’t necessitated to meet the entry-level requirement for counterterrorism employment, though naturally, having a master’s or doctorate in a subject area that can be made relevant to the field can be advantageous for those who have certain specialties.

Applying For A Counterterrorism Jobs

Once you’ve earned your degree, you’re going to want to submit your resume and transcript to a counterterrorism program that you feel you’d be a good fit for. In addition to your resume and transcripts, you’ll also want to supply references, writing samples and a compelling cover letter. Do your due diligence and research the primary decision makers, administrators and personnel associated with the organizations that you’re interested in. If you can spare the time, consider contacting anyone in the organization that you think you might like to personally speak to get more information from about how they operate.

The Examination And Interview Process

Should the material you submit clear you for progression to the next phase of vetting, you’ll have to prepare for a series of clinical examinations. The examinations will generally include a medical test, psychological examination, a polygraph, a drug test and a thorough background investigation.

If you pass all of your examinations without creating any cause for concern, you’ll be cleared for a direct interview. When being interviewed, you’ll be able to make the best impression by maintaining eye contact and speaking with conviction. Show genuine interest by asking questions to learn more about the organization after you’ve answered the questions asked to you. Aim more to simply communicate your honest appreciation for the counterterrorism field more than desperate neediness to be accepted by the organization you’re being interviewed by in particular.

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