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Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not an inborn trait and anyone can easily become more creative. Although certain people may have a tendency to focus on creative pursuits from a young age, that doesn’t mean you can’t be great at creativity too. Whether your interests include programming or singing, the following tips will help you have a great time exploring creative thinking with ease.

Carve Out Time Every Day

Whether you’re a biological scientist or a landscape painter, one of the best ways to foster your creativity is to simply give yourself time to work. Focus on being productive and carve out time every day so you can focus. As a creative individual, it’s better to think about how much time you’ve spent working rather than the quality of your output. You don’t want to let your worries about whether or not your work is good enough get in the way of actually creating quality work.

Planning Vs. Working

One of the biggest problems plaguing creative professionals and hobbyists alike is that it’s too easy to get stuck in the planning stage. Rather than sitting, theorizing about how you could work the best, simply get down to it. You’ll quickly find that your creativity grows while you work on your chosen activity, rather than during the planning stages before you begin.

If you’re a sculptor, you may draft drawing after drawing, seeking to create the perfect piece of art, but getting down to work will ultimately yield better results. Not only will you become more skilled with clay but also you’ll find that the ideas flow more easily when you’re in the middle of working. When it comes to creativity, there’s nothing better than simply getting started and hoping the ideas follow.

Ask Questions

If you want to ignite a creative train of thought, start with some questions. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous they are, as long as they relate to your chosen activity. Although asking “What if?” is a great way to  encourage children to be creative,  it is a helpful tactic for any age as well. The point is to get your mind working and reframe your perspective, so you can solve a new problem or approach your creative pursuit in a different way.

Ignore Outside Opinions

Criticism is killer to creativity. Sometimes, negative words stick with you for years, especially if you’re hesitant to focus on a creative pursuit. Although it’s easier said than done, giving yourself permission to be creative is vital if you want to become more creative. By ignoring outside opinions, you have one less thing to worry about. This tip is particularly relevant for anyone working creatively in a medium that’s personal, private or intimate. Poets, novelists, painters and more will benefit from ignoring outside opinions until their projects are completed and ready to face the public eye.

Creativity is an undeniably valuable pursuit, but it can feel difficult to get focused and stay confident. These tips are sure to help you become more creative with any subject, from dog training to scientific research.

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