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Because being a school board member puts you in such a  strong place of potential influence  over the ways that children in the community are receive their education, there naturally tend to be some very strict school board member requirements.

School board members essentially act as a school district’s jury for determining the verdicts on proposals, and naturally, those who are appointed to this jury are expected to be both educated and have a genuine interest in education as a topic to discuss. Because the critical thinking skills and credibility possessed by each member of the school board will strongly play into the ultimate welfare of the school district as a whole, the educational experience levels that all board members bring to the table are understandably important.

Specific Education Requirements

One of the most common questions about school board eligibility is a question of just exactly how much educational achievement is required as s baseline for consideration. While the school board is highly involved in shaping the school district’s educational administration, it is not necessary for school board members to possess a degree in education and school administration.

Rather than requiring board members to have a degree in education or school administration, it is of a higher priority for board members to be well-read on the latest national discussions, contemporary practices and emerging theories in the educator community. Even without a degree, all board members are expected to be both passionate and well-studied in the concept of education and ways that it can be reformed to optimize positive student outcomes.

The minimum education requirement for school board member candidates is to have either completed high school or to possess an officially equivalent certificate.

In addition to having a high school diploma or equivalent certificate, there are other important qualities that candidates for school board membership need to possess. If you’re interested in joining your own local school board, then you’ll definitely want to keep the following conditions in mind to ensure that you meet them before expressing interest in joining.

Voting Ability And Residential status

In order to serve on the school board of any school district, you have to be a legal resident of the district. Depending on the particular school board that you are interested in joining, there may be as certain time length required for your residence that needs to be reached before consideration. In addition to being a resident of the district for whatever amount of time is necessitated by the board, you also have to be a registered voter.


Being aware of the things that will keep you from being a school board member is just as important as knowing the school board member requirements. If you are employed by the district itself, then you are not eligible to join the school board. Even being related to anyone who happens to be employed by the district is generally makes you ineligible to join the school board, though exceptions may be made depending on the closeness of your relationship with said family member.

Your criminal record affects your eligibility for school board membership as well. If you have a felony on your record, you will not be eligible to join the school board.

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