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A college campus can be a very busy and exciting place. It can be overwhelming for some people who aren’t used to such commotion and activity. If you are a service member who is earning a degree while in the military, you might be nervous about how you will appear to other people. You might be concerned with your ability to connect with other people in your program. This is nothing to worry about, as college campuses are very diverse and they are welcoming to many different demographics of people. You should continue to treat people how you would like to be treated and by doing so, you will gain the respect that you deserve as you accomplish your education and work towards your goal. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can ensure that you fit in on your local college campus and feel welcomed.

Be Friendly To Everyone

You might be intimidating to others, especially if you are wearing your uniform. While your uniform may earn respect from others, it may also cause people to be a bit nervous around you. One way that you can avoid that intimidation is to be friendly to everyone that you encounter. This includes your professor, your classmates, people who are working on the staff at the school and people that you pass in the hallways or outside as you walk to your next class. This will make you appear approachable to others and you will meet a lot of people this way, just by striking up an initial connection.

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Support Others

While you need to make sure that you achieve good grades for your own benefit, it helps you on a personal level to support others in their studies. This might mean that you start up a study group and work together for upcoming tests and projects. You can also help someone in your class who is having trouble getting something done. When you support others, people will welcome you and feel more connected to you.


While you might find people are curious about what you do, you might be curious about others as well. This could be an international studies student in your classroom. It could be another service member. Reach out and talk to those people. They are probably as nervous about feeling welcomed as you are. You can find common ground in that aspect.  USA Today  has a good article that discussions, in more depth, great ways to connect with other students at college.

Don’t Be Too Sensitive

Keep in mind that there are people at your university who are juggling a lot of different activities. They are just as busy as you are, so don’t be offended if you don’t connect with everyone that you encounter. Some people are just trying to get to their classes, get their work done and get to their job or back home. Connect with whoever you can and be understanding of others who aren’t very extroverted.

The majority of universities ensure that all students are welcome on campus regardless of who they are or what they are looking to accomplish. Attending college as a service member is no exception.

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