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Outside of the government, are there any homeland security jobs to be had? This question comes up from time to time, as not all desire to work for a government employer. If this may pertain to you, read on for the scoop.

Non-Government Homeland Security?

To answer the question – yes, there are many ways in which one can mirror official endeavors of government groups like the DHS in “ keeping America safe “. Your mission may not involve working directly for a government-signed paycheck, but you can still help to provide this patriotic and civically necessary over-watch of American safety and prosperity.

DHS/Government Contractor Work

If you do not wish to work directly for the government, you can certainly get quite close to nearly any and all of the action by working as an employee to a contractor that does work for the government. Depending on the work and where it’s being carried out, your credentials may, however, need to be provided to and reviewed by that ultimate government payer. For those interested, the DHS  provides information  on these types of topics.

Private Security

Private security companies can have a great effect on the overall security of the American homeland. The extent of the individual company’s influence here does vary, though, based on their operating location, individual goals, affiliations, and more. A private security force that works in the proximity of any US border or even prison complex, for example, is ultimately providing some valuable homeland security service.

Private Bounty-Hunting

Although it is certainly the most dangerous approach to non-government homeland security on our list, the work of a professional bounty hunter is certainly of great service in this realm. Bounty hunters work individually in private as well as in cooperatives. Their goal is the apprehension of all significant fugitives in the US. Pay is also not the most reliable here as it is success-based, however, when apprehensions are successfully made, the reward payouts can be quite substantial.

Data Analysis

Far away from any danger and action in an office somewhere, you can also help to actively fight the day and night battle that is US homeland security. Data analysis from not just government sources, but private ones as well provide valuable insights into what is taking place all throughout the country each and every day. This can pertain to highway safety, crime patterns and data, immigration matters, influential cultural phenomenon, and much more. No matter its source, if it’s credible, data saves lives.


In that same spirit of the use of information as a weapon in homeland security, journalists act much in the same capacity. By seeking out the information on the ground as it happens, journalists provide the citizenry with its overall senses and awareness over the land. In fact, citizen and freelance journalists can be just as vital in revelation as any nationally-known figure. Again, information is power, especially when it concerns reporting on matters pivotal to US and citizen security.

Homeland Security Jobs Abound

If you think even more on this subject, you can probably come up with even more ways in which to help your country, directly or indirectly, in the fight to stay safe. This is a broad-reaching battle, with many elements involved. As a result, there are many homeland security jobs outside of the government as well as within.

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