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If you’re like countless others, you can’t get enough of TED Talks. The nonprofit organization TED has been putting out thousands of speeches on topics like entertainment, science and technology, design, life, and politics. If you’ve got a political mind and want the best of both worlds, we’ve got a list of the 5 best on the topic of modern politics.

1. “ Can Democracy Exist Without Trust? ” Ivan Krastev

Talk about having trust issues. This insightful, wonderful Talk discusses the correlation between trust and government. Ivan Krastev points out that the more we know about how democracy works, the less we actually trust it. Can a government exist without the trust of its people? Conspiracy theorists and political minds alike will love Ivan Krastev, as he takes you on a journey on expanding your mind by seeing what’s around you. With over half of a million views, it’s easy to see why this is the first on the list.

2. “ Why Nations Should Pursue Soft Power ” Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor is a writer and politician, spending time at the UN and as India’s Minister for External Affairs. In this 20-minute TED discussion, he talks about “soft” power. India has been quickly becoming a world superpower; and Tharoor claims it’s not just through politics and trade, but through “soft” power. He believes that their influence on the world has not come through the size of their military, but through their ability to influence the hearts and minds of the world. Shashi Tharoor will be having you opening up your political mind within minutes.

3. “ A Conservative’s Plea: Let’s Work Together ” Arthur Brooks

This 15-minute Talk is quite arguably one of the most-watched videos in the political world of TED. It opens up the discussion no one wants to have; the tension between conservatives and liberals. Each side believes they are motivated only by love and that their opponents are simply motivated by hate. Arthur Brooks opens your eyes to a new way of thinking. He talks about breaking the gridlock between the two and create a “competition of ideas” instead of a “holy war of ideology.”

4. “ Why Democracy Matters ” Rory Stewart

Most political minds will enjoy Stewart’s honest yet poignant delivery of “Why Democracy Matters.” He talks about how the public is losing faith in democracy and why they have valid points. But he also discusses how to help rebuild the democratic system and why it is important we do so. He reaffirms democracy as an ideal instead of a tool. It’s easy to see why everyone enjoys Rory Stewart, a writer, diplomat, and member of British Parliament.

5. “ The Global Power Shift ” Paddy Ashdown

One of the top-viewed Talks by TED, Ashdown discusses our current history-making times in this 20-minute video. He believes that we are all sitting in a moment of time when power will be changing in ways we have never seen it change before. Paddy Ashdown outlines the 3 major ways the world will shift by making valid correlations between a variety of subjects, like politics and global power. You’re sure to end the video a more open-minded and aware personal politician.

There are many more choices from the TED organization when you want to hear a little about politics. TED is known for their amazing Talks, given by world-renowned, exceptional people in their field. But the 5 listed above are sure to be the most entertaining, informational, thought-provoking, honest TED Talks about modern politics available.

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