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If working with computers interests you, perhaps you’re wondering what types of  computer science jobs  are available to a college graduate holding a degree in the field. Computer science is a versatile degree that would help to qualify you for many interesting, financially rewarding jobs. Let’s take a look at 10 possibilities for great jobs that a computer science degree would help to prepare you for.

1. Software Engineer

Software is solving many of the world’s problems. It’s making workplaces more efficient and improving peoples’ lives in countless ways. Now that the public is catching on to the benefits software holds for them, there’s never-ending demand for more of it — which is fantastic news for you if you decide to pursue employment as a  software engineer.

2. Information Technology Specialist

This job title of “information technology specialist” can mean different things to different employers. The tasks you perform as an IT specialist are likely to include installing new software on your colleagues’ computers, repairing them when glitches arise, providing technical support to colleagues as needed, or performing many other types of computer-related work on your team’s behalf.

3. Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible for maintaining and monitoring their hiring organizations’ databases. They facilitate data storage and retrieval by overseeing various aspects of their employers’ computing and database strategies.

4. Network Administrator

Computer networks are an increasingly important part of the infrastructure necessary to conduct business in the digital age. The networking of computer systems creates challenging and necessary work for network administrators, who specialize in developing and supporting the networks their employers need to maintain.

6. iOS Developer

Apple’s innovative iOS devices are at the forefront of the mobile computing trend. Developers for this operating system are in demand. The job requires expertise with C++, Swift and Objective-C plus a solid understanding of how people consume content on mobile devices.

8. Web Developer

Websites are becoming increasingly complex. Some require strong programming skills in coding languages beyond simple HTML including PHP, Java, SQL, Javascript and others. Web developers with coding skills are in demand. Web developers also create website content and handle the task of making site backups as changes are implemented.

9. Information Security Analyst

The digital revolution has paved the way for a new set of criminals. Hackers, cyber vandals and information thieves abound. Information security analysts work on behalf of their employers to secure their digital infrastructure and prevent breaches.

10. Cloud Architect

Cloud technologies have created numerous opportunities for talented computer scientists. Cloud architects are the forward-thinking individuals who plan out, design and implement the infrastructure necessary for cloud computing technologies.

No matter which computer science jobs you decide to pursue after graduation, it would be beneficial for you to enroll in Python programming courses while you’re in school. This is currently one of the most sought-after skills in the field; having Python expertise is one possible way to distinguish yourself from other job seekers. It’s also a good idea to work on some open source projects while you’re completing your undergraduate degree. That way you’ll be able to demonstrate to prospective employers that you’re able to code as part of a team. With your degree plus the right skills and experience in hand, you’ll be far likelier to land one of these 10 fast-paced, rewarding computer science jobs.

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