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Ways to Be a Competitive Applicant for Game Design

  • Self-Driven Agency In The Industry
  • Dedication To Improving Coding Efficiency
  • Experience With Developing Independent Projects
  • Connections In The Industry
  • A Wide Field Of Gaming Experience

Though some may interpret the game design industry to be one that is primarily focused on leisure, the truth of the matter is that a game design degree program has a very high level of demand for those who have a certain set of highly competitive qualities. It is not enough to simply enjoy video games to be one of the most competitive applicants in the game design field.

If you want to distinguish yourself as being one of the worthiest applicants for a game design position, then there are several important qualities that will have to be demonstrated in order to reflect your worthiness for a game design degree program. To make the best possible case for your position as a game designer, make sure that you have invested a respectable amount of effort into cultivating and demonstrating the following qualities.

Self-Driven Agency In The Industry

Though the gaming industry is one that has a fair degree of accessibility in terms of involvement in what it produces, the level of competitiveness in those who wish to be involved in it on a professional level will hinge upon how much agency they have being involved beyond casual engagement. Though it may be easy for a person to simply play a video game for hours on end, it takes a higher degree of initiative to make professional-caliber commentary on the state of the industry through videos and blog posts. Showing the initiative to provide insight on current industry happenings by creating information content based on gaming and game design will be a strong sign of worthiness to be a professional game designer.

Dedication To Improving Coding Efficiency

The level of skill that a person needs in order to design a game efficiently does not have a set limit or minimum, but naturally, those who put in more effort will be more likely to reap the rewards. A game designer who is extremely well-versed in a variety of different coding disciplines will always be more competitive than those who have only focused on a small area with a marginal effort.

Experience With Developing Independent Projects

One of the best ways to demonstrate that you are competent in terms of game design is to already have gaming projects to your name. It is not necessary to have a game that sells millions of units, but it is very telling of your potential as a game designer if you have already made the effort to build up a game from your imagination and turn it into reality. No matter what the resume may communicate, few things will objectively demonstrate your skill more clearly than a project that you have made manifest on your own.

Connections In The Industry

Just as is the case with many other professional industries, able to leverage your connections will be powerful when it comes to the case that can be made for your worthiness. Beyond simply having people vouch for you, the ability to foster connections will be a strong indication of how well you will be able to collaborate with others in the field with the diverse variety of personalities and experience bases.

Rather than attempting to bribe others to give references, naturally engaging with people by reaching out to them online and communicating about their opinions on certain matters in the industry can be a very simple yet powerful potential way to gain connections in unexpected places.

A Wide Field Of Gaming Experience

The simplest way to be a more competitive game designer is to expose yourself to as many different forms of game design as possible. The more perspective that you have on the different ways that games are designed, the more well-rounded that you will be in your own approach to gaming design. Playing games for leisure is one thing, but when you treat it as a way to study the different approaches that game designers make, it is not only fun but also immensely productive.

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