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Great Engineering Blogs

  • Advanced Web Machinery
  • Atlassian
  • MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering Blog
  • Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog
  • Engineering TV

Engineering is the often under-appreciated workhorse of modern science. Engineers take the discoveries of researchers, and apply them to practical concerns, creating new and innovative ways of solving problems. The mindset of the engineer is often straightforward and practical; as such, it adapts itself readily to concepts like social networking. Engineers frequently use social media, blogs, and a wide range of professional forums to share ideas, discuss solutions, and come up with new and innovative approaches to problem-solving.

One of the best ways to share information in a thorough, engaging and in-depth manner is through a blog. Here are five great engineering blogs for the dedicated professional:

Advanced Web Machinery

This is a straightforward, no-frills  Web development blog  with a neat and clean presentation, encouraging a calm and reasoned approach to problem-solving. Advanced Web Machinery tackles a wide range of common issues in Web development and software design. It also provides a viable platform to cover specific issues not adequately addressed elsewhere; here, talented and experienced engineering professionals offer actionable advice.


Atlassian Developers maintains another Web development blog, with  a minimalist approach  to design and layout, discouraging distractions from the matters at hand. Atlassian offers a wealth of information about popular platforms and software engineering tools, and has a noticeable strong point through its frequent guest posters: highly qualified engineers from a diverse range of professional and personal backgrounds come together to pool their expertise in the handling of a range of engineering issues.

MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering Blog

Veering away from a primary focus on Web development brings us to MIT’s  student-run Civil and Environmental Engineering blog . This high-energy, highly engaging blog looks at solutions on the forefront of civil and environmental engineering, with a particular emphasis on green technology and other environmentally friendly solutions to common problems in civil engineering. This blog features a lot of innovative ideas, and lively discussion by some of the top engineering students in the country. Professionals from other engineering specialties have reported finding creative methods to approaching problems within their own disciplines, despite no direct correlation with CEE.

Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog

Curious Cat offers a wide range of informative and educational blogs focused on the sciences.  Their engineering blog  is hands-down one of the most engaging on today’s Web. One of the areas that sets Curious Cat apart is its challenges and activities for younger students with an interest in engineering, encouraging them to follow that interest through in line with long-term academic and professional goals. There are also featured authors and professionals in the field, and a wide range of article topics relevant to current engineering concerns.

Engineering TV

Engineering TV is  an engineer vlog : a video blog, which focuses on a wide range of concerns relevant to engineering professionals today. Its heavy reliance on the use of video to work through a range of solutions, with regard to problems both rare and common, is a little unusual. It can come off as feeling a little one-sided at first, but its richly informative and engaging content should offset that for long enough that one can get into the habit of interacting with other users more smoothly.

Engineering blogs allow professional engineers and students alike to engage with other, like-minded innovators. They connect frequent questions and problems with viable, tried-and-true solutions, while offering new ways to go about finding solutions to more difficult issues. Richly engaging and entertaining content is designed to be straightforward and informative, allowing for the engineering process to be greatly simplified and streamlined: with the knowledge of basic concepts being taken for granted, overall progress is significantly advanced.

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