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Jobs in Aerospace Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Research Assistant
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Systems Engineer

Students pursuing careers in aerospace engineering may find many high paying aerospace engineering jobs. As we continue to look for ways to fly more economically and with as little pollution as possible, the need for qualified aerospace engineers will continue. While flying is generally what comes to mind when we hear the words aerospace engineering, there is a lot more to this field. Graduates may find many excellent job opportunities in various engineering departments and some that are not engineering. Pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering can be the start of a constantly growing opportunity with many high-paying jobs.

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1. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers design or redesign mechanical and thermal devices, including engines, machinery, and tools. They analyze problems the device may be experiencing, investigate failures, test prototypes and analyze test results. If adjustments and modifications are needed, the mechanical engineer uses computer-aided software and analysis to build and test prototypes. They also oversee the entire manufacturing process for the machines. Mechanical engineers working in an aerospace engineering position may be in charge of the design and maintenance of various parts used on planes and jets. Mechanical engineers earned an average annual wage of $66,826 as of an August 2018  PayScale  report.

2. Project Engineer

Project engineers are the professionals generally in charge of the project at hand. They coordinate with staff members and ensure effective communication takes place throughout the project. The project manager oversees the technical staff and ensures that the project is completed on time and within the budget allocated for the project. It’s often the project engineer who determines what the project will cost and how long it will take to complete. Their duties may include working alongside other engineers in an office setting or traveling to different sites. Project engineers earn an average annual wage of $66,825. With experience, a project engineer may advance to a project manager.

3. Research Assistant

Research assistants do research on projects and may assist research scientists. In the aerospace engineering capacity, the research assistant may do research on any new aviation parts the company may be contemplating making or manufacturing. They may research necessary parts, how effective the part has been in past, what modifications it might need or final project cost. Any important information needed for a project is typically found by the research assistant. A research assistant may be promoted to a senior consultant or project manager after he or she has obtained work experience. Research assistants/scientists earn an average annual wage of $40,000.

4. Data Processing Manager

Data processing managers are in charge of all aspects of processing data for the company. They’re also in charge of ensuring data scientists meet their data processing goals in the time allotted and at the cost allowed. Data processing managers must be capable of multi-tasking and working with various types of data at one time as well as proficient in various software programs. They may also train data specialists on new technology equipment and methodologies. Data processing managers are knowledgeable of technical manuals and data processing programs. Data processing managers earn an average annual wage of $52,925.

5. Systems Engineers

Systems Engineer play an important part in many businesses and industries. They often help design the blueprints for a project and lay the foundation for the entire project from conception to the final step. They often determine a problem based on consumer needs and try to develop a solution. Systems engineers use an interdisciplinary approach to make sure all technical needs are met every step of the way. With experience, systems engineers may advance to become senior systems engineers. Systems engineers earn an average annual wage of $70,422.

The  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  (BLS) has predicted that aerospace engineers could see a job growth of six percent during the decade of 2016-2026. Although this growth is smaller than what is predicted for regular engineers, the bureau does project that 73,800 new aerospace engineering jobs will be created by 2026. This bodes well for those looking for high paying aerospace engineering jobs.

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