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Personal Finance Twitter Feeds

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Twitter is one of the world’s largest social media networks. Athletes, celebrities and corporations all have official Twitter accounts, and they tweet on a regular basis. More recently, certain governments and government officials have also taken to Twitter in their official capacity. A lot of this may seem frivolous or unproductive, but it represents people coming together in a shared medium, talking about that which matters to them the most. They’re trying to get the word out, and they’re doing it with valuable content: despite the Draconian length restrictions imposed on tweets, links and multimedia allow for the curation of sage advice across a wide range of subject material. Everything from personal finance and legal advice, all the way to where to study abroad for the best cultural experience, can be reached through Twitter.

Case in point: here are five great Twitter feeds about personal finance, which take advantage of what Twitter can do, despite content length restrictions.


Manisha Thakor is an investment expert (the type of individually frequently referred to as a “financial guru,” by people who know enough to understand that they still have a lot left to learn). Rather than tapping a single source of information, Manisha’s tweets connect her followers with solid, well-referenced articles from a bevy of reputable source publications. The common point for Manisha is investing: how to get started, how to reduce risk, and how to invest without a lot of starting capital.

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Wise Bread is one of a relatively small number of unique Twitter feeds. It plays host to a range of Twitter chats and other ongoing events, which see subjects ranging from the opening of a savings account to the building of personal credit brought up for conversation. Wise Bread is an excellent Twitter feed for getting in touch with other people in the same situation as yourself, who may have tried-and-true practices they’ve been putting to work to their own advantage for years.


This feed is associated with a highly respected and well-established financial publication. They use their tweets to link followers directly to expansive, easy-to-understand articles on financial management. Their subject matter includes such topics as “how to raise your credit score fast” and “where to open a high-yield banking account.”


The frugal financier and the low-budget investor will appreciate EARN more than the well-established economist. The Twitter feed for  earn.org , EARN presents advice, news and other information targeted at individuals who are trying to become financially independent while starting with very little to invest. It mixes investment and financial growth advice with money-saving tips, in pursuit of its parent organization’s goal of creating prosperity among those who are financially underprivileged.


Professor Annamaria Lusardi is a member of the faculty at the George Washington School of Business, where she is a powerful voice in the ongoing cause of supporting global financial literacy. Her focal point covers the intersection of personal financial knowledge, the infrastructure of public education, and public financial policy. Professor Lusardi believes that the key to a healthy economy, as well as greater financial equality for today’s underprivileged, is the dissemination of sufficient financial understanding as to make the majority of people individually capable of making sound personal financial decisions.

Through these and  other reputable Twitter feeds  covering the subject of personal finance, the financial conscious individual can increase their own arsenal of actionable tips and information. You can also use these feeds to track articles on particular topics, and to become more financially literate overall, making it increasingly likely that you will spot new financial opportunities down the road.

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