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The 5 Advantages Military Members Have In College

  • Available Scholarships
  • Military Aid
  • Dedication
  • The Ability And Desire To Learn
  • A Strong Work Ethic

Going to school as an enlisted servicemember has its challenges. However, it also has some significant advantages. Below are five of the biggest advantages military personnel have when pursuing a college degree.

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1. Available Scholarships

Current and former military members have many special scholarships that are available only to them. While there will be competition for these scholarships, military personnel have the advantage of being the only students who qualify for them. Many companies, organizations and other groups want to give back to servicemembers, and education scholarships are a popular way to achieve that. Military personnel should always be on the lookout for military-specific scholarships. They shouldn’t neglect to apply for scholarships from other sources as well, because every dollar counts.

2. Military Aid

The United States Armed Forces provides significant education benefits to its servicemembers. In fact, this benefit is a large reason why many people sign up for serving in the military to begin with. Prospective students should work closely with their benefits coach to know what educational aid they may be entitled to. All benefits for former servicemembers are outlined by the  Veterans Benefits Administration , or VBA. This aid will make it easier for military personnel to afford school and will prevent the need for taking on significant student loan debt.

3. Dedication

To be in the military, servicemembers must have impressive levels of dedication. Dedication is crucial to getting through the challenges of college and emerging on the other side with a degree to show for it. Dedication to a chosen profession is also important when pursuing a degree. Sometimes, it may seem easier to give up and go home. The dedication servicemembers learn in the military will prevent that, giving them a greater chance of finishing the curriculum and taking home their degree. Students must be committed to continuing education once they receive their degree so they will continue to be knowledgeable and competitive in their field.

4. The Ability And Desire To Learn

Being in the military requires continuous learning of new tasks and information. This trait is obviously crucial when going to school as an enlisted servicemember. Anyone pursuing a degree must always be prepared to learn new ways of doing things, new ways of approaching subjects and new facts and information. Being in the military has expanded servicemembers’ horizons and that desire and ability to learn will be very useful when applied to a university setting.

5. A Strong Work Ethic

A strong work ethic is something everyone who has served in the military possesses. Members of an armed forces team who do not pull their weight or prepare for a situation properly could be responsible for the loss of life, failure of the mission or other very, very poor outcomes. A strong work ethic is also necessary to get through college and obtain a degree. Students must be dedicated and complete their work on time in order to get good grades. They also must put in the time and effort to truly learn the material and eventually become accomplished professionals.

There are many traits servicemembers possess that their civilian peers do not. These advantages should be leveraged in order to make the educational process easier for military personnel. Going to school as an enlisted servicemember has many benefits that can help military personnel succeed in their education goals.

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