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It’s been an unrefuted agreement amongst many in the United States that what the country needs now, more than ever, are good teachers. Not only do teachers support students in the cultivation of knowledge, but they also encourage the onset of an immense amount of essential skills. Teachers are responsible for all in their classroom, which usually means they must be well-versed in how to respond to the needs of many types of learners. Finding an undergraduate program to ready oneself for teaching is an important step, and choosing an affordable degree is an even more level decision. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor found in 2017 that kindergarten and elementary teachers had an average salary of $56,900 , middle school teachers at $57,720 , and high school teachers at $59,170. The Bureau also found that entry-level education for all teachers is at a bachelor’s degree level, at least. But those who earn bachelor’s degrees in education don’t have to commit to becoming teachers. The knowledge gained through completion of a degree in teaching is incredibly applicable in settings of youth-serving organizations, industries that create school curriculum and technology, and tutoring or after-school programs. Earning one’s Bachelor in Education is a guaranteed way to set oneself up for making an impact on lives.

Selection Criteria

Best Value ig电子竞技(新疆)结果视频 publishes college degree rankings with the belief of how one’s higher education should be, both, affordable and an investment of continued value for the students who pursue them. The staff of BVS collects data from reputable sources in order to calculate Net Price and the short and long-term value of every ranked degree. Collected data is simplified into weighted categories before scoring and then scaled through a BVS Score up to 100. The weighted categories are:

  • Degree Investment Return (25%)
  • Student & Alumni Evaluation (25%)
  • Cost Value (25%)
  • Matriculation (10%)
  • Academic Success (15%)

No matter what degree you decide on, we hope our research and support has made the selection process easier. There are numerous resources BVS utilizes to collect information on degrees, and we encourage you to check them out for yourself!

Here are the 35 Best Bachelor’s Degrees in Education!

35. University of North Carolina Wilmington – Wilmington, NC

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education


University of North Carolina’s Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education prepares students for the K-6 level, with professional and well-rounded approaches to education. The curriculum’s focus is on leadership, the cultivation of respectful environments for diverse students, a thorough understanding of teaching content, and the ability to reflect on one’s practice. An add-on licensure programs are available in Elementary Education Mathematics. All students are required to select an 18-credit hour concentration, in areas such as English as a Second Language, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Technology, and more. UNC also offers graduate programs in education for those interested in further educational pursuits.

Net Price: $16,831
Score: 87.58

34. Dakota State University – Madison, SD

Bachelor of Science in Education in Elementary Education


The BSE in Elementary Education from Dakota State University provides students with foundational knowledge in the field taught by faculty members who have experience teaching and helping with state education projects. All classes will provide hands-on experience, but students will also complete a practicum before graduation. During their senior year, students will have a year-long teaching opportunity to fulfill their capstone. Because DSU gives focus on the technology-driven aspects of teaching, students are prepared with the latest classroom technology. Graduates have gone onto careers as Elementary Teachers, K-12 Technology Teachers, and Title I Teachers.

Net Price: $16,513
Score: 88.58

33. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI

Bachelor of Arts/Science in Elementary Education


The University of Michigan offers both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Elementary Teacher Education and Secondary Teacher Education. The university also offers both master’s and doctoral programs in education, allowing a seamless transition from an undergraduate program for those who are in pursuit of graduate degrees. The bachelor’s program in education admits students their junior year after they have completed prerequisites and have remained in good standing. Most students admitted to the program directly from UM, but some so transfer in from other universities. Upon graduation, students will be able to work patiently and holistically with large groups of individuals, and have sufficient foundational knowledge in the field.

Net Price: $16,408
Score: 93.48

32. The University of Toledo – Toledo, OH

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education


The University of Toledo’s Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education has consistently prepared graduates of the program to have outstanding pass rates on licensure exams, leading to employment in the field. All students in the program will not only learn how to create and apply forward-thinking and inclusive teaching models but also benefit from hands-on experience in Toledo-area classrooms. Many will also complete volunteerships in the area, and support faculty with field-oriented research. The BE in Early Childhood Education is a four-year program, and students may be directly admitted after finishing high school with at least a 2.7 GPA and 21 ACT/1060 SAT.

Net Price: $16,281
Score: 90.61

31. Mississippi State University – Starkville, MS

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education


The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Mississippi State University is an online program offered through their Distance education platform. Students will have a concentration in either Early Childhood or Middle School. Courses start in the fall or spring, and students who have not completed the prerequisites are encouraged to take them in the summer before beginning the major. Completing the program through online education rather than on-campus allows students to maintain a schedule of work, potential internships or volunteerships, or other field experiences in their hometown. The BSEE requires students to complete at least 20 hours in K-3 grade classrooms, 45 hours in 4th-8th, 120 hours in 2nd-8th, and a full-time internship in a K-6th class.

Net Price: $16,056
Score: 89.17

30. University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, AR

Bachelor of Science in Education


University of Arkansas’ Bachelor of Science in Education is offered as many specialized programs, including Career and Technical Education, Business Education, Childhood and Elementary Education, Childhood Education and more. Admission to the BSE is competitive, regardless of the program area. Students should have completed at least 63 credits of prerequisites at UA with a GPA of 3.0 or better before beginning their chosen program. Even with those criteria met, students are not guaranteed into the program. They’ll have to complete further application and interview, specifying if they are in pursuit of a MAT or just the BSE.

Net Price: $15,966
Score: 87.36

29. University of Northern Iowa – Cedar Falls, IA

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education


The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Iowa is a 2+2 program, expecting that students have earned an Associate of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree already to suffice liberal arts requirements at UNI. It’s designed for non-traditional students at community colleges recognized by the university, and most courses are offered online with only some on-campus instruction required. Many students maintain work outside of school, with some even praising the program for flexibility that allowed them to work full-time. The program admits students who are already attending school in the DMASS Carroll area, earning their Associate of Arts degree.

Net Price: $15,942
Score: 86.89

28. University of Georgia – Athens, GA

Bachelor of Science in Education in Early Childhood Education


The Bachelor of Science in Education in Early Childhood Education from the University of Georgia prepares students for the professional field with skills to develop and apply culturally relevant and responsive curriculum, maintain innovative and holistic learning environments, and cultivate important relationships within the community. Coursework will not only cover methods of teaching and early childhood curricula but the foundations of the educational theory. The university works with many local school districts, giving students opportunities for ethnographic studies, teacher assistantships and tutorships in the classroom, and eventually full-time student teaching. Applicants are expected to have already fulfilled UGA core requirements. Admission is very competitive.

Net Price: $15,934
Score: 95.89

27. The University of Nebraska at Kearney – Kearney, NE

Bachelor of Arts in Education in Elementary Education


Students in pursuit of The Bachelor of Arts in Education in Elementary Education from The University of Nebraska at Kearney will begin the bulk of the program’s courses their junior and senior year, after being admitted to the professional program. Applicants must have completed prerequisite courses with a C grade or better, with an overall GPA at UNK of at least 2.75. Once admitted, students will begin upper-division courses including Primary Grades Literacy, Math Methods, Elementary Science Methods, and more. All students in the program will also complete a student teachership at a local elementary school.

Net Price: $15,909
Score: 90.4

26. University of Arizona South – Sierra Vista, AZ

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education


The University of Arizona’s Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education prepares students to teach grades K-8, providing experience in schools beginning students’ first semester in the program. Students must have already completed 60 college credits from a regionally accredited institution, with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and at least 30 hours of documented experience working with school-age children. Students then begin the program their junior year, with courses that cover the creative arts in elementary school, classroom management, and learning theories. This program is not offered at the main campus in Tucson, and details here are provided from the page of the campus in Sierra Vista.

Net Price: $15,758
Score: 90.86

25. Wilmington University – New Castle, DE

Bachelor of Science in Education


Wilmington University offers three different programs within their Bachelor’s of Education, each preparing students for state licensure and certification. The programs are Elementary Education, Middle-Level Education, and Career and Technical Education. All are offered as BS and not BA degrees. Students may apply to all three programs right out of high school, needing a GPA of 3.0 or higher and ACT/SAT scores. All three programs require that students complete a practicum or capstone, if not both. After completing all general university requirements, students will begin 300 and 400-level Education courses, with topics catered to the pursued areas of teaching through the selected program.

Net Price: $14,955
Score: 79.04

24. Northern Arizona University – Flagstaff, AZ

Bachelor of Science in Education in Elementary Education


Graduates from the Bachelor of Science in Education in Elementary Education program from Northern Arizona University are well-prepared for state licensure exams, with recent graduating classes achieving a 98 percent pass rate on the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment exam. Additional admissions requirements include having complete 45 credits of prerequisites with at least a 2.5 GPA in either all Liberal Studies courses or accumulative in all courses. Students will also have to compete a teacher orientation before beginning the program, which is 66 credits itself. Concentrations are required, with options in History/Social Studies, Humanities, Science, or Math. Course topics will also cover Practicum, Literary, Evidence-based Practices, and more.

Net Price: $14,901
Score: 87.85

23. The University of Iowa – Iowa City, IA

Bachelor’s in Elementary Education


The University of Iowa offers both Bachelor’s of Science and Bachelor’s of Arts degrees in Elementary Education, preparing students with foundational understandings of teaching methods, teaching theory, and more. Other programs are available at the university for those hoping to specialize in a teaching area, including a BS in Science Education and minors in Educational Philosophy and Human Relations. Applicants to the upper-division program must have completed 30 credits of general education coursework and prerequisites with at least a 3.0 GPA from UI. There are many options for additional endorsements in the program for teaching subjects in grades K-8, like Music, Physical education, Reading, Social science, Special education, and more.

Net Price: $14,845
Score: 92.41

22. Wright State University – Dayton, OH

Bachelor of Science in Education in Early Childhood Education


Wright State University’s BSE in Early Childhood Education earns students not only the degree, but licensure to teach. Graduates of the program will have theoretical and practical knowledge of the field, with a focused understanding of all the subjects taught in elementary school. The curriculum also prioritizes multicultural and global perspectives, which shape the general education requirements. Admissions are open to high school graduates who have a minimum GPA of 2.8. Students will take lower-division courses for their first two years and begin upper-division, program-specific courses their junior year. All students will complete a professional seminar and internship before graduation.

Net Price: $14,769
Score: 86.9

21. Central Michigan University – Mount Pleasant, MI

Bachelor of Science in Education, Elementary Emphasis


Central Michigan University’s Bachelor of Science in Education offers an emphasis in Elementary teaching and an optional major in Integrated Science for those hoping to become science teachers. The program following the Integrated Science major is provided only at the Traverse City campus. Students will graduate with 121-164 credits depending on the track of the program they pursue. All students will have to finish General Education Courses, core courses of the major, and courses in the chosen concentration area. Applicants must have at least a 2.0 GPA from high school or have a GED. Transfer students may also apply.

Net Price: $14,675
Score: 89.98

20. University of Mississippi – Oxford, MS

Bachelor of Arts in Education in Elementary Education


The Bachelor of Arts in Education in Elementary Education with Special Education endorsement readies students for both K-6th teaching and a K-12 license in Mild/Moderate Disabilities. There are also more endorsements available. All students will also select at least two concentration areas, in English, math, science, social studies, fine arts, foreign language, and computers. The program consists of a core curriculum, a Teacher Education program, and a phase of Student Teaching. Students will observe and teach in selected classrooms, working with practitioners to gain hands-on experience in the field. To be admitted to the program, students must have completed the core curriculum at UM with a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Net Price: $14,259
Score: 88.02

19. Eastern Michigan University – Ypsilanti, MI

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education – Early Childhood Comprehensive


The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a focus in Early Childhood Comprehensive from Eastern Michigan University prepares students to teach K-6th and earn the State of Michigan Z.S. endorsement. The endorsement indicates that graduates have specialized expertise with children from birth to third-grade age, including kids with special needs. Application to the program is separate and further than admission to EMU. Students must have completed 56 credits with a GPA of at least 2.5, or 3.0 if transferring from another school. The major is a total of 72 credits, with 42 in the liberal arts curriculum, 30 in upper-division education courses, and 49 in the Professional Elementary Education Sequence. The last includes the capstone experience, where students teach in local classrooms.

Net Price: $14,090
Score: 90.19

18. Ball State University – Muncie, IN

Bachelor’s in Elementary Education


Ball State University’s Bachelor’s in Elementary Education is offered as either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. Graduates will be prepared to teach K-6th grade, having completed work with children and teachers in local schools and organizations. All students will choose a concentration while also earning foundational knowledge in a wide range of subjects in the liberal arts and sciences. The program is social-justice oriented, with an emphasis on preparing students who are culturally responsive and committed to social justice and equality in their communities. Admission to the program takes place during the junior year, once students have fulfilled prerequisite with a “C” or better on certain courses and an overall GPA of at least 3.0

Net Price: $13,535
Score: 89.77

17. East Carolina University – Greenville, NC

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education


The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from East Carolina University is a minimum of 125 credits, made up of general education courses, professional-level courses in education, an academic concentration and specialty area for teaching, and cognate courses. Courses cover all aspects of education in terms of both teaching and management of safe and respectful classrooms. Topics include Diversity, Ethnocultural Psychology, Teaching Students with Exceptionalities, and more. All students in the program will complete both an internship and a practicum during the upper-division courses. The majority of new teachers in North Carolina come from ECU, with graduates being highly sought after by employers.

Net Price: $13,327
Score: 86.78

16. Wayne State University – Detroit, MI

Bachelor in Elementary Education


Wayne State’s Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education offers students two options: one leading to certification for teaching all subjects in K-5, major and minor subjects in 6-8, and all subjects in self-contained K-8 classes. The second option is similar, but with a student-centered major in Special Education or minors in Bilingual-Bicultural Education, Early childhood Education, ESL, and World Languages. The degree can be earned as a BS or a BA. Students may be directly admitted to the program after high school, or transfer into the program from WSU or another university after completing prerequisites. Transfer-in admission, what they call Level 2 admission, is not competitive – anyone who meets the requirements will be admitted.

Net Price: $13,287
Score: 85.33

15. Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Secondary Education


Students who love math don’t have to find work as an engineer or a chemist to utilize their mathematics degree at Arizona State University. Through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, ASU students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a concentration in Secondary Education to work as a mathematics teacher for grades 6-12. Although the math intensity is listed as Substantial, ASU Mathematics majors are not required to acquire second language requirements for certification. BSM students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA for their Critical Tracking Courses, which include Algebra and Geometry in the High School, Mentored Tutoring Internship, and Calculus with Analytic Geometry I. Mathematics majors at ASU are also given the opportunity to take interesting courses such as Ring Theory, Theory of Numbers, and Group Theory- which are essentially philosophical history courses with a mathematical twist.

Net Price: $12,947
Score: 97.15

14. Granite State College – Concord, NH

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education


The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Granite State College prepares students to teach children from the nursery school level to third grade. There are also Early Childhood Special Education certifications available to those in the program. The program is open to high school graduates or those who have obtained an associate degree in Early Childhood Education, Development, or Special Education. Course topics include Young Children with Exceptionalities, Special Education Law, Behavioral Interventions, and more. Students will be well-versed in both the theory and application of teaching children, with foundational knowledge in childhood development and current brain research and its implications for students.

Net Price: $12,905
Score: 83.77

13. University of Central Missouri – Warrensburg, MO

Bachelor of Science in Education in Elementary Education – Early Childhood: Birth-Grade 3


The BSE in Elementary Education – Early Childhood: Birth-Grade 3 from the University of Central Missouri prepares students with extensive classroom teaching opportunities to be competitive candidates in the field after graduation. The program tries to place students into classrooms of every grade that the student will be certified to teach. Students enter the elementary classroom as early as their second semester at UCM and continue to do so up until graduation. The program is a total of 124 credit hours and admits students right out of high school. The program hosts two Study Abroad trips every year where students can gain further field experience.

Net Price: $12,711
Score: 83.55

12. The University of Southern Mississippi – Hattiesburg, MS

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education


The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Mississippi is offered both on campus and 100 percent online in a program designed specifically for those already working as teaching assistants. The curriculum is divided into three different parts, or cohorts, that students will complete before graduation. This includes the Introductory, Intermediate, and Senior Cohort, and begins with observation in classrooms and works its way up to two full days each week in K-6 schools, assessing and tutoring a student, and working in small groups. During Student Teaching, the final part of the Cohort, students complete a 6-week internship in two diverse school settings.

Net Price: $12,506
Score: 88.61

11. Florida International University – Miami, FL

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education


The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Florida International University prepares students to teach K-6th grade and earn the TESOL endorsements. The program is made up of coursework, field experiences, and student teaching throughout the two-year upper-division program. Applicants should have at least 60 credits complete or an AA degree, with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Graduates from the program have gone onto becoming teachers, but also found jobs in Curriculum Development, non-profit organizations; elementary education programming and coding, and become policymakers. Course topics include Content and Methods of Teaching, Educational Psychology, Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in Inclusive Settings, and many more.

Net Price: $12,219
Score: 95.47

10. Fort Hays State University – Hays, KS

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education


The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Fort Hays State University prepares students with a holistic understanding of teaching, using general education courses, a professional curriculum pedagogical theory, and clinical experience. It’s offered both on-campus and online, allowing those who are already in the field to maintain their responsibilities. Graduates will be prepared to apply for licensure in any state of the U.S. post-graduation. Students who already have a bachelor’s degree are more than welcome to apply, and general curriculum credits will be transferred in. Applicants should have completed prerequisites with a C grade or better and passed an exam such as the ACT, Core, or PPST.

Net Price: $12,196
Score: 94.08

9. Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education


The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Purdue University is a professional program that takes place over six semesters, with each semester having an associated Theory into Practice field experience. The program is a total of 128 credits, with major courses accounting for 40, a Reading Concentration for 31, and other program requirements making up the rest. It’s a direct-entry program that students will begin their first year, working their way up to more intensive and major-specific courses for their last two years. Students must maintain a 2.8 GPA overall and a 3.0 GPA in the program’s professional curriculum to be eligible for licensing in Indiana after graduation.

Net Price: $12,117
Score: 100

8. University of Wisconsin – Superior – Superior, WI

Bachelor of Arts/Science in Education


The University of Wisconsin-Superior’s Education program is offered in both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. Graduates have received praise from their employers, and many have gone on to win teaching awards at the district, state, and national levels. Students in the Elementary Education major will work in local classrooms early on in their studies, preparing to teach either grades PK-6th or 1st-8th. All students are required to select a minor in Early Childhood Education, English, Health, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, or Special Education. Those who major in Middle/High School Education will format their course schedule to cater to their desired area of teaching. Teacher Education is a major that covers teaching theory and practice and will utilize focus on a certain discourse, like Biology or English.

Net Price: $12,023
Score: 87.72

7. Arkansas Tech University – Russellville, AR

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education


The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Arkansas Tech University is a three-stage program, consisting of education in teaching theory and practice, courses focused on the direct preparation for teaching, and a final internship. Students can start the program track immediately, taking general education courses their freshmen year and then the major-specific courses their sophomore year. Students will be prepared to teach grades K-6th. Course topics include Teaching Literacy Foundations, Foundations of Special Education, Integrated Curriculum, and Classroom and Behavior Management. Other programs are offered in the Education department at ATU in Education, Secondary Education, and Early Childhood Education.

Net Price: $11,510
Score: 90.54

6. Bellevue University – Bellevue, NE

Bachelor of Science in Adult Education


Bellevue University’s Bachelor of Science in Adult Education prepares students to become instructors in many professional education settings. This includes technical colleges, non-profit or community-based education programs, vocational education, and business and industry training. The program is offered, both, online and residentially. Courses will focus on different adult learning theories and how to provide for various needs of adult learners. Graduates will be well-versed in the influences on students in educational contexts, learning styles and environments, and technological forces in education. Applicants must currently be working in a job where they can apply their learning and have three years of work experience relevant to the program.

Net Price: $11,359
Score: 85.6

5. Louisiana Tech University – Ruston, LA

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Special Education


The Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from Louisiana Tech University is a 129 credit program, and the course schedule can be started students’ first year. The Elementary and Special Education track includes 21 credits in primary content instruction, 15 in knowledge and the learner and their environment, 15 in methodology, and 21 in “flexible hours” of coursework. The flexible hours may be completed whenever is most convenient for the student. During the third year, students will begin 400-level courses that cover Literacy Development, Diverse Learners, and more. All in the program will complete student teaching opportunities their last year. LTU’s College of Education also offers program tracks in Early Childhood Education and Secondary Education, with multiple further focuses.

Net Price: $10,683
Score: 93.17

4. Appalachian State University – Boone, NC

Bachelor of Science in Education


Appalachian State University’s Bachelor of Science in Education readies students for licensure both in North Carolina and across the US, with the university having teacher licensure reciprocity with 37 states. The BS in Education will provide students with many field experiences, internships, and service-learning opportunities, all before they start their student teacherships. Students are required to select a Second Academic Concentration, with options in Career and Technical Education, Elementary Education, Health and Physics Education K-12, and Middle Grades Education. Regardless of chosen concentration, students will take courses that give them foundational knowledge in teaching theory and practice.

Net Price: $10,473
Score: 97.35

3. Southern Oregon University – Ashland, OR

Bachelor’s in Elementary Education


Southern Oregon University’s Bachelor’s in Elementary Education is offered as a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. It’s open to students who already have their teaching license and those who do not. Upon graduation, students will be eligible to earn their Oregon Preliminary teaching license. Once admitted to SOU and finishing general education requirements, students can declare an Elementary Education major at the end of their sophomore year. Admission to the professional-track program is competitive. Beginning their junior year, admitted students complete upper-division courses in content knowledge, pedagogy, and more. Field experiences are required and set up in diverse settings.

Net Price: $9,924
Score: 89.2

2. University of Missouri – Columbia, MO

Bachelor of Science in Education


University of Missouri’s Bachelor of Science in Education prepares students to teach PreK-12th grade, both in formal and informal learning settings. The College of Education at UM recognizes that graduates may go onto careers in a variety of roles other than a teacher, such as employment at youth-serving organizations, nature centers, tutoring programs, after-school programs, and more. Because of this, all students will receive excellent and foundational knowledge in teaching theory and practice, as well as complete capstones and teacherships in youth-serving agencies. The curriculum prioritizes how teachers can support in ways that are socially and culturally responsive and aware.

Net Price: $9,150
Score: 89.66

1. Brigham Young University – Idaho – Rexburg, ID

Bachelor of Arts in Art Education with Education


Brigham Young University provides the No. 1 undergraduate degree for educators in 2019-20′ with its Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. This artsy educational degree is targeted toward future art teachers in Idaho for grades 6-12, and graduates of the program are expected to earn an Education minor for teaching certification. The Art Education major consists of 30 credits, while the degree requires 120 completed credits, overall. Outside of Art Education major and minor, BUY’s Department of Art provides degree minors such as Art History, Ceramics, Book Arts, and Sculpture. Students who study Art Education at BYU are prepared to teach topics involving Drawing, Graphic Design, Printmaking, Photography, or Painting.

BYU expects all BAAE students to graduate with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and to receive no less than a C- from any Art Education major requirement. Required Education courses include Development, Cognition, and Understanding; Student Teaching, and Diverse and Exceptional Students. The core Art and Studio classes include fun topics such as Travel Study in the Arts, Media Experimentation, and Expressive Painting.

Net Price: $7,727
Score: 90.41

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