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Are you ready to find your fit?

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Earning a degree doesn’t need to be stressful. If you want to advance to a management job in tourism, consider one of the 25 Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Tourism and Hospitality for 2020. Do you have a knack for crafting that perfect customer experience? When you receive a compliment on a job well done, does it make your heart flutter? If so, you should consider a degree in hospitality. This industry is all about making customers happy and providing them with the most enjoyable and satisfactory dining or travel experience they have ever had. 

The Leisure and Hospitality industry is one of the most proliferating sectors in the world — and one with the lowest unemployment rates. These careers have an average of a 6% employment rate——which is much higher than the national average — and enjoy average starting salaries of around $53,390 per year. Students with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism enjoy even better job prospects. Students can easily accelerate to a management position or pursue a job at one of the world’s leading tourism organizations after receiving a four-year degree. Although there is strong competition for jobs in the hospitality sector, you can rest assured that obtaining a top Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism can elevate your resume to the top of the pile.

Selection Criteria

Best Value ig电子竞技(新疆)结果视频  publishes college degree rankings with the belief of how one’s higher education should be, both, affordable and an investment of continued value for the students who pursue them. The staff of  BVS  collects data from reputable sources in order to calculate Net Price and the short and long-term value of every ranked degree. Collected data is simplified into weighted categories before scoring and then scaled through a  BVS  Score up to 100. The weighted categories are:

  • Degree Investment Return (25%)
  • Student & Alumni Evaluation (25%)
  • Cost Value (25%)
  • Matriculation (10%) 
  • Academic Success (15%) 

No matter what degree you decide on, we hope our research and support has made the selection process easier. There are numerous resources  BVS  utilizes to collect information on degrees, and we encourage you to  check them out for yourself!

Here are the 25 Best Online Bachelor’s in Tourism and Hospitality!

25. ECPI University — Virginia Beach, VA

Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration — Hospitality Management


The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Hospitality Management at ECPI University is one of the most challenging and innovative of its kind. It requires 37 credit hours in Business Administration along with 28 semester credit hours in Hospitality. Students might take classes like Kitchen Essentials and Facility Management to introduce them to all aspects of hospitality and food service. Most students graduate in just two and a half years of study.

ECPI has several other related programs in fields like Accounting. The school also offers a dynamic Master of Business Administration for students wishing to expand their education. Although ECPI has a physical campus in Virginia Beach, VA, the online campus offers a variety of student-centered services to help all learners succeed. Career services are hands-on and widespread, with students granted access to myriad networking and professional development events. As a result, the school is ranked a top Regional College by  U.S. News & World Report .

Score:  74.4 

24. University of the Southwest — Hobbs, NM

Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management


The University of the Southwest offers a 120-credit Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Hospitality Management. This professional program incorporates the fundamentals of business education with a special focus on the topics that are most prominent in the tourism and hospitality field. Students will graduate with the skills necessary to pursue managerial roles in hotels, restaurants, conventions, and more. The program incorporates hands-on coursework such as Principles of Management and Service Marketing. 

This university is a top private Christian university that is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The school offers some of the Top Online Business Programs, according to  U.S. News & World Report , and has a profound commitment to providing career-focused education that is rooted in Christian values. The university is home to 12 different student organizations, many of them available to online learners. 

Net Price:  $15,723
Score:  76.8

23. Charleston Southern University — Charleston, SC

Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism


The Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism at Charleston Southern University exposes learners to all aspects of hospitality, including marketing, economics, law, human resources, and more. It prepares candidates for managerial careers in hotels, tourist destinations, and entertainment facilities. Taught by experienced faculty, this program features accelerated seven-week courses to help students earn their diplomas more quickly. It requires 51 credit hours of major study in the Hospitality core along with 47 credits of Liberal Arts core courses.

This degree is recognized as a Best Online Program by  U.S. News & World Report . Designed for full-time working adults, this program is just one of over 47 different majors offered at the university. Charleston Southern, which is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention, is home to caring faculty who integrate faith into their teaching on a daily basis. Class sizes here are small, with an average student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1.

Net Price:  $17,858
Score:  78.8

22. Robert Morris University — Chicago, IL

Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management


The Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Robert Morris University has consistently remained one of the top online programs in hospitality for several years in a row. Graduates go on to secure managerial and administrative positions at resorts, hotels, airlines, casinos, and more after pursuing a rigorous 120 credit hours of study. While all students are required to take a set of core university courses along with 21 credits in the major concentration, they may also take specialty electives and business foundations classes, like Managerial Accounting and Principles of Marketing, as well

The Hospitality and Tourism Management degree is just one of many exceptional degrees offered at Robert Morris. This university, founded in 1913, offers dozens of other professional-career-focused programs in an online setting Ranked as one of the Best Colleges for Veterans as well as a Best Value School by  U.S. News & World Report , this school offers affordable tuition and small class sizes. Over half of all classes here have fewer than 20 students!

Net Price:  $25,645
Score:  79

21. Bethune-Cookman University — Daytona Beach, FL

Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management


The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management at Bethune-Cookman University is offered through the industry-respected Bob Billingslea School of Hospitality. The BSHM at Bethune-Cookman prepares students for leadership roles in lodging, entertainment, events, resorts, global tourism, food service, and more. Designed for students who are already working full-time, this program requires 123 total semester hours and includes unique classes like Hospitality Managerial Accounting and Event Management.

This program is not only convenient and flexible for busy working adults, but it’s also affordable, offering a range of funding opportunities specifically for hospitality management students. The university offers hospitality awards like the Mary McLeod Bethune Scholarship and also connects students with career opportunities to help them gain a leg up before they even graduate The university hosts partnerships with dozens of organizations, like Marriott, Hyatt, Bluegreen Corporation, Sodexo, and more. These affiliations help students gain exclusive access to interviews, internships, networking opportunities, and even full-time positions before they even graduate.

Net Price:  $17,313
Score:  81.4

20. Monroe College — Bronx, NY

Online Bachelor’s of Bussiness Administration in Hospitality Management


The online Bachelor of Bussiness Administration in Hospitality Management at Monroe College requires 120 credits for graduation. Offered entirely online, this flexible program accepts transfer credits and requires no standardized test scores for admission. Offered within the School of Hospitality Management, this program is just one of many career-oriented degrees offered at this school.

Monroe College offers online learners everything they need to succeed. All classes are taught by professionals based in New York City, one of the top tourist destinations in the world and a hub for students seeking jobs in hospitality. Each student is granted a personal student counselor as they complete classes, each of which lasts seven and a half weeks. Online learners also receive access to free 24/7 online tutoring — even at night and on the weekend. Tuition for online learners at Monroe starts at less than $600 per credit hour, making it one of the lowest-cost private schools in the country.

Net Price:  $12,280
Score:  82.6

19. University of Massachusetts — Amherst, MA

Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management


The Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Massachusetts invites students to pursue rewarding careers in restaurant, hotel, or resort management. With a curriculum that integrates core courses in hospitality, tourism business, tourism, the humanities, and the social and physical sciences, this program also provides students with the freedom to create a focused program of study that meets their individual goals and interests. Although admission can be competitive, requiring a GPA of 3.0 or higher, this program is a good fit for busy online learners 12 general education courses are required, as are nine business classes, eight hospitality management classes, and fiver upper-level hospitality and tourism electives.

This degree is offered within the highest-ranking public undergraduate business school in the Northeast, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Taught by first-rate faculty, this degree is also affordable — tuition starts at just $425 per credit hour. Significant financial aid is available, and students are encouraged to explore professional organizations through campus networks. For example, online learners have access to career and academic advisers who can help them connect with industry partners via the American Hotel and Lodging Association, the Food and Beverage Managers Association, and other integral organizations.

Net Price:  $21,281
Score:  86.2

18. Columbia Southern University — Orange Beach, AL

Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism


Columbia Southern University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in hospitality and tourism. This degree, requiring 120 credit hours of study, provides students with the training necessary to pursue managerial and operations-related roles in tourism and hospitality. Integrating core business classes like Business Law and Financial Management, this degree also allows students to pursue their passions via hospitality concentration courses like Resort Management and Operations.

Columbia Southern offers one of the best online programs in Hospitality without sacrificing the quality of its program. Tuition is half the cost of its competitors, starting at just $230 per credit hour. The university offers many scholarships and special funding programs, like military tuition assistance and Learning Partnerships. With flexible online learning options, students can complete assignments at their own pace and enroll 36 days per year. Courses can last as little as four weeks or as long as 18 — most classes are self-paced.

Net Price:  $11,061
Score:  86.5

17. Granite State College — Concord, NH

Bachelor of Science in Service and Hospitality Management Online


Granite State College offers a superior online Bachelor of Science in Service and Hospitality Management. This program helps students gain proficiency in public relations, leadership, communication, marketing, and more. There are 230 required credit hours of study that are earned through courses highlighting Food Service Systems and Control, or Hotel and Restaurant Management. This degree offers flexible admission, granting many students course credit for prior college-level knowledge gained from workplace experience, military service, or volunteer-based training in addition to typical college classes.

The hospitality program is not the only innovative online program offered at Granite State — the college offers many other high-quality programs designed for distance learners. The school is ranked highly by  U.S. News & World Report  for its online bachelor’s degrees, and because over 84% of Granite State students are transfer students, the college makes it a priority to serve nontraditional students. Career counseling is available to all students as well as to alumni, and students are guided in their studies by faculty who are subject-matter experts with real-world experience.

Net Price:  $12,905
Score:  86.9

16. The University of Alabama — Tuscaloosa, AL

Online Bachelor’s in Restaurant, Hotel, and Meetings Management


The University of Alabama has offered a high-quality Bachelor’s in Restaurant, Hotel, and Meetings Management since 1985. The online program consists of 120 credits while maintaining the legacy of the on-campus degree. The university also offers maximum convenience to distance learner and accepts applications year-round. Upon graduation, learners will be prepared for work in a variety of career fields, including convention services, catering, hotel operations, and more. The curriculum is guided by industry standards and includes unique course offerings such as Hospitality Information/Computer Systems and Hospitality Law.

With an application fee of just $10, this program is affordable before you even enroll! Tuition is just $375 per credit hour, and the program includes a 500-hour internship to help students gain relevant paid career experience before graduation. This school was ranked 18th in 2017 among the top 50 Hospitality and Hotel Management ig电子竞技(新疆)结果视频 in the world by CEOWORLD Magazine. This ranking is a testament to the high quality of education and hands-on opportunities that students are afforded in this program.

Net Price:  $$19,993
Score:  87.3

15. University of South Carolina — Columbia, SC

Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management


The University of South Carolina offers a superior online Bachelors in Hospitality Management that provides students with multiple opportunities for pursuing careers in food service, hotels, or general tourism. While learners must have completed a minimum of 45 college credit hours to apply, the university allows students to complete 57 of the required 120 total degree requirements entirely online. With multiple start dates per year, this program includes core hospitality courses such as Principles of Food Service Sanitation and Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law. A supervised full-time work experience practicum is also required for graduation.

This hospitality program is highly affordable, with 91% of the University of South Carolina students receiving some form of financial aid. Students graduate with the skills and credentials necessary to enter directly into the workforce. With a profound commitment to student involvement and education through experiential learning, the university is recognized as a global high-impact research university. As a result, it is ranked as one of the Best National Universities by  U.S. News & World Report .

Net Price:  $$20,271
Score:  88.4 

14. Norfolk State University — Norfolk, VA

Online Bachelor’s in Tourism and Hospitality Management


The online Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality at Norfolk State is nationally ranked as one of the best programs for aspiring hospitality managers. Requiring a minimum of 120 hours of undergraduate study, this degree includes core classes such as Dining Room and Beverage Management and Organizational Behavior and Theory. The online program is identical to the one offered on campus and is closely linked with the Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy and Business at Norfolk State.

Norfolk State’s School of Business annually enrolls over 900 baccalaureate students. In addition, the university was one of the first Historically Black College and Universities to have a business school accredited by AACSB International, the premier institution for accrediting business schools. As a result, students receive unique options to network and intern at leading businesses and hospitality industries in Norfolk and beyond. These opportunities extend to the online campus, where distance learners benefit not only from flexible, asynchronous course offerings but also receive high-quality instruction from experienced faculty members.

Net Price:  $14,429
Score:  90.1 

13. Northern Arizona University — Flagstaff, AZ

Online Bachelor’s in Hotel and Restaurant Management


The online Bachelor’s in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University is designed to prepare students with the professional skills and training they will need to succeed in the hospitality industry. Allowing for extensive growth in guest services, sales, and food preparation, this degree requires 120 units of credit. Students must obtain a major GPA of at least 2.5 in order to graduate, but up to 75 units of course requirements may be transferred in from other universities. The degree requires core hospitality administration classes like Hospitality Marketing, Corporate Finance for Hospitality Managers, and Hospitality Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management.

The online program in hospitality at Northern Arizona is offered within the W.A. Franke College of Business. It is nationally recognized by the Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Intuitional Education and has received many accolades. The university is well-respected for its top business programs and is one of the best National Universities, according to  U.S. News & World Report .

Net Price:  $14,901
Score:  91.8 

12. Missouri State University — Springfield, MO

Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Restaurant Administration


The online Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Restaurant Administration at Missouri State University has a strong reputation within the industry. With a proud alumni network with graduates working at prestigious organizations like Chartwells, Marriott, and Sodexo, this university offers some of the best professional training in the field. There are two degrees are available, which are MSU’s Bachelor of Science and its Bachelor of Applied Science. Both degrees prepare students for managerial positions and include core classes such as Analyzing Financial Performance in Hospitality Operations and Hospitality Law. In addition to the core courses, all students are also required to complete a Hospitality Internship.

The hospitality internship is one of the most popular reasons as to why students enroll in the hospitality degree at Missouri State. This internship requires students to conduct a paid work experience in the industry, gaining practical skills while also developing valuable job connections. Many Missouri State students find permanent jobs through these internships. In addition to this opportunity, the university offers multiple scholarships and other financial aid awards to qualified students to help lower the cost of attendance.

Net Price:  $15,173
Score:  92.1 

11. Washington State University — Pullman, WA

Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality Business Management


The Hospitality Business Management program at Washington State University prepares students for careers in an industry that is quickly evolving and always growing. Offered entirely online, this degree is taught by acclaimed faculty members who have extensive hands-on experience. Learners will gain proficiency in revenues, operations, cost controls, event planning, and more. All undergraduates must complete at least 120 semester hours, with 25 credits in Hospitality Business Management. Classes are taught over seven weeks at a time and provide popular course titles such as Foodservice Systems and Control, or Operational Analysis.

This hospitality program is ranked as one of the Best Online Programs by  U.S. News & World Report . Established in 1932, the on-campus version of this program is the third-oldest in the United States. The Culver Hospitality Relations Manager at Washington State works closely with all students to connect them with internship and graduate placements. As part of the program, all students are required to work 1,000 paid hours in the industry, providing them with valuable career connections. Students can even apply to spend a semester studying abroad in Switzerland if they so choose.

Net Price:  $17,885
Score:  92.6 

10. American Public University — Charles Town, WV

Online Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management


The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management at American Public University is designed for students who are interested in owning their own restaurants or other hospitality businesses, as well as those who want to apply to mid-management positions in tourism. The degree is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business ig电子竞技(新疆)结果视频 and Programs and taught by experienced faculty, many of whom have extensive experience in hospitality themselves. There are 120 credit hours required with degree concentrations available for Food Service, Tourism, Meeting, and Event Planning, and Tourism.

American Public University offers some of the most affordable tuition in the country. It starts at just $270 per credit hour, with tuition grants available for active-duty service members, veterans, and their family members. The school also offers unique financial aid opportunities like the Undergraduate Book Grant, which provides all full-time online learners access to textbooks — free of cost.

Net Price:  $10,658
Score:  93.7 

9. California State University — East Bay — Hayward, CA

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Online


California State University — East Bay offers a dynamic Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism entirely online. This 120 credit-hour program prepares students for the growing and exciting field of hospitality and tourism. Students acquire the leadership, technology, research, and communication skills they need to succeed while engaging in hands-on work experience at the major hospitality and tourism companies of the country. Students will take 23 units of the Hospitality, Recreation, Recreation Therapy, and Tourism Foundational Core. Popular classes include Tourism Management, Revenue Management in Hospitality and Tourism, and Lodging Management.

This program features three different program concentrations — these are optional but can help students meet their individual goals. They include Food and Beverage, Event Planning and Management, and Lodging, Resort, and Club Management. Despite having a large enrollment of over 13,000 students, California State University — East Bay works hard to provide students with attentive instructors and personalized instruction. It is ranked well in  U.S. News & World Report ‘s Best Undergraduate Teaching programs roundup.

Net Price:  $11,425
Score:  94.3 

8. Eastern New Mexico University — Portales, NM

Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management


The Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management at Eastern New Mexico University helps students build their creative problem-solving skills — all while studying in a 100% online format. This degree provides students with exclusive access to faculty advisers who can help learners meet their individual academic and career goals. To be eligible for admission, students are encouraged to take as many high school business courses as possible. Students can pursue various emphasis areas besides hospitality management, including those in marketing and information systems, to help them diversify their degrees even further. 

Eastern New Mexico University offers substantial grants, loans, and scholarships to its students. In addition, the College of Business, by which the BBA in Hospitality Management is offered, awards 29 different scholarships to enrolled students each year. This degree can be completed entirely online through various distance learning technologies such as Blackboard, Collaborative, and Mediasite. Online learners have access to tutoring and other services through the Online Writing Center and the Golden Student Success Center, too.

Net Price:  $9,830
Score:  96.2 

7. Fort Hays State University — Hays, KS

Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management Online


The Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management at Fort Hays State University is offered entirely online. Students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours of study, 21 of which must be in the Tourism and Hospitality Core. Popular course titles include Service Operations Management and Tourism and Hospitality Marketing. The department also encourages students to choose one of three program concentrations — options include Events Management, Hospitality Operations, and Health & Wellness Tourism Operations.

The hospitality degree at Fort Hays is offered within the Department of Applied Business Studies. This department offers well-rounded degree programs that are designed to prepare students for professional work. The curricula is industry-influenced and immersive, taught by faculty who encourage students to innovate and thrive both on campus and off. This university is ranked as one of the Best Regional Universities in the Midwest by  U.S. News & World Report .

Net Price:  $12,196
Score:  96.5 

6. Troy University — Troy, AL

Hospitality, Sport, and Tourism Management Major Online


The Hospitality, Sprot, and Tourism Management Major is available entirely online through the College of Health and Human Services at Troy University. This program exists as its own department and prepares students with hands-on training in a collaborative environment. The program allows students to choose from three undergraduate concentrations: Sport Management, Hospitality Management, or Tourism Management. All of these options include exposure to working professionals and extensive career preparation through a combination of paid and unpaid internships.

Troy University dates back to 1887 when it first opened its doors as a teacher training college. Today, the school offers dozens of programs on four different physical campuses as well as through its immersive online classroom. Over half of all Troy students take online classes, and it’s one of the leading providers of academic preparation to active duty military members and veterans. As a result, Troy is ranked as one of the Most Innovative ig电子竞技(新疆)结果视频 by  U.S. News & World Report .

Net Price:  $12,146
Score:  97.3 

5. North Carolina Central University — Durham, NC

Online Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Administration


The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Administration at North Carolina Central University is a 128-credit hour program that prepares students for professional careers in hospitality management. Students graduate with the managerial skills and competence necessary to obtain top management positions in this dynamic industry. In addition to substantial coursework in the liberal arts and university core, students are also required to take major requirements like Hospitality Marketing, Hospitality Financial Management, and Hospitality Law and Ethics to prepare them for top-paying careers. NCCU’s online students are encouraged to take part in these offerings, as they help students gain professional skills and networking connections for the future. Popular hospitality organizations include Eta Sigma Delta and the International Hospitality Management Honor Society.

Net Price:  $12,687
Score:  97.4 

4. East Carolina University — Greenville, NC

Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management


The online Bachelors in Hospitality Management at East Carolina University prepares students for high-profile careers in tourism, hospitality, and restaurant management. It features three unique concentration areas: Conventions and Special Events Management, Food and Beverage Management, and Hospitality Management. Students in all of these programs receive a high-quality education as they prepare themselves for careers in hospitality. Students work closely with internationally-respected faculty — faculty who guide students closely as they built their expertise in the industry. This program, which requires 120 semester hours of credit, is the largest hospitality program in the state of North Carolina and one of the largest in the southeast.

The hospitality program at East Carolina University foster’s numerous partnerships with universities all over the world. This gives students the opportunity to participate in various study abroad opportunities, with popular destinations, including Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. The school also partners with the Disney International Program and other companies such as Darden, Chick Fil A, and Biltmore Estate. Such partnerships provide students with unique opportunities to apply and hone their skills in a real-world setting.

Net Price:  $13,327
Score:  97.6 

3. University of South Alabama — Mobile, AL

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management Online


Hospitality and Tourism Management is a popular major at the University of South Alabama. This program provides students with exposure to a wide variety of business sectors within the industry, preparing students with an interdisciplinary perspective to the discipline. Students will take a range of classes including Food Sanitation and Safety, Meetings Including Conventions and Events, and Hospitality Service Culture. Each student must complete 41 hours of general education core courses along with 49 major core courses to receive a degree.

This program is unique in that it features a range of opportunities for students to step outside the box as they complete their degrees. Study abroad is available, as are hands-on industry experiences to expose students to the intricacies of the industry — and help them gain the skills necessary to obtain higher-level positions. Before graduating, students can choose between the completion of two final internships in hospitality management or self-guided research projects in an area of interest.

Net Price:  $12,968
Score:  97.7 

2. Arizona State University — Tempe, AZ

Online Bachelor’s in Business (Tourism)


The Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Tourism at Arizona State University is offered entirely online. This interdisciplinary and innovative program prepares students for a wide variety of hospitality professions. It requires 41 classes for a total of 120 total credit hours. Classes last only seven and a half weeks each, with major courses including topics like Introduction to Travel and Tourism, Business Law and Ethics for Managers, and Fundamentals of Finance. 

Arizona State University’s online bachelor’s programs rank second in the nation by  U.S. News & World Report . Regarded as some of the most innovative programs, Arizona’s degrees connect students with potential employment opportunities all around the country. All online students in the tourism program complete rigorous coursework and can connect with top employers at resorts, tourism development companies, travel bureaus, and more.

Net Price:  $12,947
Score:  99.5 

1. Florida International University — Miami, FL

Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management


The online Bachelors in Hospitality Management at Florida International University is offered within the award-winning Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. This fully online program prepares students to lead in the world’s largest industry, and it’s housed within one of the top hospitality management in the United States. Overall, there 120 total credit hours are required with core course topics such as Advanced Food Production, Hospitality Industry Law, and Lodging Operations Control.

Florida International provides students with fast-track advantages in food service, hotel, and tourism industries. The curriculum is flexible and gives students the solid footing they need to get started. Distance learners are taught by faculty members with significant academic credentialing along with executive-level industry experience. Online learners receive 42/7 access to interactive technology, real-time feedback, and one-on-one career, academic, and personal support. It even includes work and internship experiences totaling 1,300 total hours before graduation.

Net Price:  $12,219
Score:  100 

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The Master’s in Mental Health Counseling Career Guide

June 16, 2021   |   Lyss Welding

Mental health counseling jobs exist across many settings — from hospitals and government agencies to schools and private practices, and they’re projected to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)...

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