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ADHD, or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurological syndrome that causes executive functioning challenges (EFCs). These include important mental processes like concentration, attention, and motivation. As a result, people with ADHD may have difficulty managing their time or following through on tasks. They may also be forgetful and disorganized. (Find out more about ADHD  here .)

The symptoms of ADHD can cause challenges in every area of life. They can be especially harrowing for undergrads dealing with ADHD in college. These students often struggle to meet the demands of their classes and keep up with assignments. There are steps you can take to take care of your mental health , while also find a school that is right for you. Fortunately, some schools have developed special academic support programs that provide much-needed assistance for individuals struggling with a documented learning disability or attention deficit disorder on campus.

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Top 20 Value Colleges for Students with ADHD

  1. Adelphi University

    Garden City, NY


    $ $ $ $ $

    Adelphi University's robust Learning Resource Program makes it a top college for ADHD students. Thanks to this initiative, those with adequate documentation of an attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (or another learning disability) are eligible for personalized academic and professional counseling, as well as access to a computer lab designed around their needs. Specifically, this lab features assistive software and interfaces such as ZoomText, Kurzweil 3000 Firefly, and the Premier AT Accessibility Suite, each of which augment word processing and web browsing capabilities with the likes of text-to-speech translation, text enlargement, and more.

  2. Northeastern University

    Boston, MA


    $ $ $ $ $

    Already recognized by the Huffington Post as one of the ten best colleges for students with ADHD, Northeastern University is practically a shoe-in on this list. Northeastern's Learning Disabilities Program pairs qualified students with expert counselors who make it their mission to help every student succeed. In practice, this translates to biweekly, hour-long meetings that cover everything from class scheduling and study strategies to mental health counseling and long-term career goals. And while the program runs about $2,750 per semester (beyond the price of tuition), a special Brian Evans Learning Disabilities Program Assistance Fund can help mitigate these costs for several applicants each year.

  3. The University of Arizona

    Tucson, AZ


    $ $ $ $ $

    The University of Arizona's Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center is a hub for a wide variety of student resources, including specialized ADHD Coaching. For a reasonable fee ($1,350 for a minimum contract period of three months), this program helps those struggling with ADHD in college by connecting then with a personal academic coach. Students work one-on-one with their coach to develop the following core competencies: Daily Structure, Focus, Organization, Planning, and Task Initiation and Completion. Weekly sessions take just 15-30 minutes (in person or over the phone) and provide the accountability that many participants need to stay on track with their goals.

  4. Saint Louis University

    Saint Louis, MO


    $ $ $ $ $

    Saint Louis University is home to one of the best ADHD college programs in the country. In addition to its conventional Student Success Coaching program, which offers one-on-one training in essential skills like note taking and time management, SLU also features a variant specifically designed for students with learning disabilities. In this program, students can receive coaching in the "executive function skills" that many with ADHD often haven't developed to the same degree as their peers. SLU's resources for learning disabled undergraduates even extend to alternate format course materials and assistive technology.

  5. Auburn University

    Auburn, AL


    $ $ $ $ $

    Auburn University's SKILL Program is a top ADHD college program that features diverse strategies for achieving student success. This semester-long program consists of several stages, starting with an initial interview and ending with preparation for final exams. Over the duration of the semester, undergraduates in the program have weekly meetings with a dedicated counselor who helps them develop both short- and long-term goals, implement plans of action, and determine their assistive technology needs (if any).

  6. Ursuline College (TIED)

    Pepper Pike, OH


    $ $ $ $ $

    Like Auburn, Ursuline College offers its affordable ADHD college program in stages to address the evolving challenges that can arise along the path to graduation. In many cases, the first stage is all that is necessary. At this level, students receive weekly counseling sessions, progress monitoring, and priority registration for courses. For those who could benefit from more substantial assistance, Stages 2 and 3 provide additional and more intensive services, including up to three weekly counseling sessions and academic tutoring. While these extra resources can cost up to $1,200 more per semester, basic accommodations (like audiobooks and extended test times) are always free of charge to anyone in the program who needs them.

  7. Southern Oregon University (TIED)

    Ashland, OR


    $ $ $ $ $

    Proudly offering "more than accommodations," Southern Oregon University is home to an impressive range of disability resources, especially for students with ADHD in college. In particular, SOU's University Coaching and Academic Mentoring (U-CAM) service provides learning-disabled undergraduates with a robust support structure that encourages personal growth and academic success. Not only does the program pair eligible participants with a personal counselor, but it also matches them with a professional writing coach as well! Through weekly sessions and mid-term progress meetings, these experts help students build the focus and study habits that will serve them throughout their college careers and beyond.

  8. Westfield State University

    Westfield, MA


    $ $ $ $ $

    Established in 1979, Westfield State University's Learning Disabilities Program has been helping students with ADHD achieve their academic goals for nearly 40 years. Like many other schools on this ranking, WSU's affordable ADHD college program includes features like early course registration and individual peer tutoring. However, undergrads in this program also receive guidance from a professional Program Advisor who serves as a personal counselor and mentor. Program Advisors monitor students' progress in their academics as well as within the program itself, helping them develop productive habits and tangible goals along the way.

  9. Marshall University

    Huntington, WV


    $ $ $ $ $

    ADHD and college don't always mix well, but that's not a problem at Marshall University. Marshall's Higher Education for Learning Problems (HELP) Center makes it easy for learning-disabled undergraduates to get the help they need, whether it be tutoring, academic advising, or even just a quiet room for distraction-less test taking. But the advantages don't end there; Marshall's HELP center also offers a Skills Development Program where students can address their "organizational, working memory, and executive functioning challenges" alongside qualified learning specialists. Skills development may also extend to academic foundations such as reading, writing, and math.

  10. Fayetteville State University

    Fayetteville, NC


    $ $ $ $ $

    One of the nation's best colleges for ADHD students, Fayetteville State University takes a multifaceted approach to learning disability support. To begin with, FSU's Bronco STAR program offers many of the resources available at other schools on this list, including regular meetings with academic success coaches and peer learning assistants. These meetings help participants in the program plan their course loads for the semester as well as their schedules week to week. But FSU takes things even further with UDL, an "innovative pedagogical model" that is designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles simultaneously.

  • Methodology: Here's How We Rank ig电子竞技(新疆)结果视频

    At Best Value ig电子竞技(新疆)结果视频, we help students of all ages get the best possible value for their education. When choosing the best schools and programs, we prioritize tuition rates, student debt, financial aid opportunities, graduation rates, and the availability of online programs.
    We source unbiased data from government and educational databases like the National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 6,374 schools across the U.S. We organize that data into five weighted categories to compile our school rankings.

    Metric Data Used Percentage
    Academic Quality Full-time faculty percentage, student-to-faculty ratio, student retention and graduation rates 25%
    Affordability Tuition rates, median student debt, and financial aid 35%
    Reputation Admission and enrollment rates 15%
    Program Offerings Number of program options 10%
    Online Enrollment Score Portion of learners taking at least one online course 15%

    You can read more about our comprehensive evaluation process on our methodology page.

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The 20 Best Value ADHD College Programs Methodology

First, we created a list of all the four-year, public and private (non-profit) colleges and universities in the U.S. that offer supplementary assistance programs for individuals with learning- and/or attention-based disabilities. Next, we conducted a thorough analysis of the types of resources available at each school, paying close attention to services that specifically benefit ADHD students.

We gave programs 15 points (up to 105 total) for each category of support service they cover:

  • Academic coaching or study skills counseling
  • Skill-development workshops or groups in topics like time-management, learning strategies, organization, etc.
  • Content tutoring for specific courses (not including free peer-tutoring available to all undergraduates)
  • Required study halls
  • Supplementary academic advising
  • For-credit courses/seminars to help build good study habits
  • Peer mentors

ig电子竞技(新疆)结果视频 earned an extra 15-point boost if at least one component of their program  focused specifically with EFCs and/or ADHD  in college. Those with a slightly broader focus (on all language- and attention-related learning disabilities, for example) earned a 10-point boost.

Finally, we factored in annual expenses by looking at  net price  and  participation fees * (if any) associated with the learning disability/ADHD college program. We subtracted points from each school’s overall score based on these figures. For example, a school with an annual net price of $30,000 and program fees of $3500/semester would lose 3 + 3.5*2 = 10 points, while a school with a moderate net price of $20,000 and free services would only lose two points.

* A few of the fee-based programs did not list specific cost information. For consistency, we assigned these schools an average fee of $2,200/semester based on the data available from other colleges.

Attention Deficit Disorder Association
College Navigator
NCES IPEDS Data Center

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