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“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

Would-be scholars are well advised to take their first lesson from the above-quoted expression. Despite a glib veneer, it gives good advice for pursuing a higher education degree. A quick glance at average earnings figures for college graduates and non-graduates should permanently erase all doubts about its accuracy.

A harsh reality, however, is that those with greatest potential often have the least resources. Centennial State residents of modest means have easier access to financial help than most realize, however. Below are 25 great scholarships available in the state of Colorado.

1. Asta Rocky Mountain Chapter – Don Estey Professional Development Scholarship

DEADLINE: November

Tourism Cares sponsors this program that makes 22 annual awards between $350 and $3,000 to help students pursue a travel or tourism career path. The main eligibility criterion is current or planned enrollment in an accredited educational program related to tourism or travel in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, or Guam.
Applications must be submitted online via the Tourism Cares official website and must include a professional resume, employer recommendation letter, website screenshot of prospective or current educational program, and an essay about how the candidate intends to benefit from tourism or travel studies and any related awards or special recognition.


Asta Rocky Mountain Chapter – Don Estey Professional Development Scholarship
275 Turnpike St., Suite 307
Canton, MA 02021
Phone: (781) 821-5990

2. Betty J. Jones Cassius Cat Foundation Scholarship


This scholarship fund makes annual awards in varying amounts to full-time graduate students in their first year of studies at Colorado State University’s Veterinary Science degree program. Eligibility requirements include financial need, good academic standing, and current pursuit of a career in veterinary medicine.


Betty J. Jones Cassius Cat Foundation Scholarship
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Grace Wilson
1601 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1601
Phone: (970) 491-7051

3. Carlos Martinez Kinnison Migrant Memorial Scholarship

DEADLINE: March 31

This program makes non-renewable annual awards of $1,000 to students pursuing accredited post-secondary degrees in a medical or healthcare discipline. Primary eligibility qualifications include outstanding academic performance, financial need, and a documented history of migration within Colorado or Texas due to agricultural employment. All applications must include a personal essay and a recent Migrant Education Program Certificate of Eligibility.


Donna Katter, Program Assistant / Scholarship Coordinator
Geneseo Migrant Center
3 Mt. Morris-Leicester Road
Leicester, NY 14481
Phone: (585) 658-7960

4. CASFM Scholarship

DEADLINE: Contact Sponsoring Organization

Administered by the Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers (“CASFM”), this program consists of three separate funds, including:

  • Ben Urbonus Scholarship

A renewable annual award is made to a graduate student pursuing a degree in an academic discipline closely related to CASFM goals. Major examples are Hydraulics, Hydrology, Emergency Response, Meteorology, Climatology, stormwater quality or management, and floodplain or watershed management.

  • UWRI Scholarship

The Urban Watersheds Research Institute (“UWRI”) funds this scholarship and makes a one annual award to a Civil Engineering student in an accredited undergraduate program in Colorado.

  • Family Scholarship

Just launched as of 2013-2014, this program makes an annual award to a post-secondary student majoring in a field closely related to CASFM goals.


CASFM Scholarship
Morgan McDermott P.E, CFM
CH2M Hill Engineers, Inc.
9191 South Jamaica Street
Englewood, CO 80112-5946
Phone: (720) 286-0231

5. Eloise Pollard Bruen Memorial Scholarship

DEADLINE: March 31

The University of Colorado (“UC”) funds this institutional scholarship that makes one non-renewable annual award of $500 to $750. The primary eligibility requirement is prior acceptance for admission as an entering UC freshman. Applicants must also be Colorado residents, have completed a Free Application For Student Aid (“FAFSA”), have a minimum grade point average (“GPA”) of 3.0, and demonstrate financial need. Selections are based on history of community service activities and personal responsibility.


Eloise Pollard Bruen Memorial Scholarship
Office of Financial Aid – Scholarships
University of Colorado Boulder
556 UCB
Boulder, Colorado 80309
Phone: (303) 492-4533

6. Dr. Virgil & Mitzy H. Yount Memorial Scholarship


This memorial scholarship fund makes annual awards in varying amounts to full-time CSU graduate students with a Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine. Primary selection criteria include academic performance, financial need, teaching and research contributions, and involvement in community and professional activities. A faculty recommendation and written synopsis of occupational goals, financial need, research and teaching activities, and any special awards or honors must accompany all applications.


Dr. Virgil & Mitzy H. Yount Memorial Scholarship
Grace Wilson
1601 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1601
Phone: (970) 491-7051

7. Reed Pennington Scholarship Fund

DEADLINE: Contact sponsor

The Denver Foundation (“DF”) sponsors this scholarship toward fulfilling its mission to strengthen the Metro Denver community via personal inspiration, resource mobilization, and higher education. Established in 1925, DF is Colorado’s oldest and biggest community foundation. Basic eligibility criteria include financial need, minimum GPA of 3.0, and plans to pursue full-time studies while maintaining at least part-time employment.


Reed Pennington Scholarship Fund
55 Madison St., 8th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80206
Phone: (303) 300-1790

8. The Youth Foundation Scholarship – Grant of Aid

DEADLINE: February 28

Since its 1940 inception, scholarship sponsor The Youth Foundation has been on a mission to help worthy high school seniors with exceptional financial need finance a higher education. Grants of $2500 to $5000 are available to high school seniors with plans to attend an accredited post-secondary U.S. educational institution, a minimum 3.0 GPA, and demonstrate a strong desire to help others by virtue of prior extra-curricular and/or community activities.


Downloadable application forms are available at  http://fdnweb.org/youthfdn/application-forms/ . For additional details, send an SASE to the address below. Neither phone calls nor e-mails are accepted.

The Youth Foundation Scholarship – Grant of Aid
Johanna M. Lee, Administrator
317 Madison Avenue, Suite 824
New York, NY 10017

9. OU Club of Colorado

DEADLINE: Contact sponsor

OU Club of Colorado is a very large and active Denver-based organization on a mission to facilitate fellowship among University of Oklahoma (“OU”) alumni and recruit new students. One annual award of $2,000 and several smaller awards from $250 to $1,000 are available to applicants with demonstrated financial need, outstanding academics, and leadership skills by virtue of extra-curricular activities. Awards are non-renewable but previous recipients may re-apply, provided they have remained in good academic standing at the University of Oklahoma. Applications may be downloaded at  http://ouclubofco.org/scholarships/ .


OU Club of Colorado
Attn: Andrew Wertz
900 Asp Avenue, Suite 427
Norman, OK 73019
Phone: (405)325-1710

10. Adrienne Kittle Memorial Scholarship


Rita Byrnes Kittle established this memorial scholarship in 1991 to honor the memory of her daughter Adrienne who died in an auto accident during her junior year at Creighton University. The fund makes renewable awards in varying amounts to Creighton University undergraduates. Primary qualifications are demonstrated financial need and outstanding academic performance. Colorado residency is strongly preferred.


Adrienne Kittle Memorial Scholarship
Creighton University Office of Financial Aid
2500 California Plaza
Harper Center, Room 2040
Omaha, NE 68178
Phone: (800) 282-5835 or (402) 280-2731

11. Brandy & Zombie Memorial Scholarship


Sponsor Shirley Norton established this fund to honor a pair of poodles named Brandy and Zombie who provided her with comfort, affection, and companionship during a debilitating illness. The threshold eligibility criterion is full-time attendance as a second or third-year graduate student at Colorado State University’s Veterinary Medicine degree program. Applicants must also demonstrate exceptional scholarship, animal advocacy, and future plans for a career in private practice, zoology, endangered species, or wildlife preservation. The amount and number of annual awards vary.


Brandy & Zombie Memorial Scholarship
Grace Wilson, Scholarship Contact
1601 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523
Phone: (970) 491-7051

12. Colorado Endowed Scholarship – Stephens College


Members of the Stephens College Denver Alumnae Club established this scholarship to assist Coloradans who demonstrate exemplary scholarship and financial need. Annual awards vary in amount and no separate application is required, as all Colorado residents are automatically considered by the Stephens College Financial Aid Office. For priority consideration, however, students must submit a FAFSA Student Aid Report by March 1.


Colorado Endowed Scholarship – Stephens College
Financial Aid Office
1200 E. Broadway
Columbia, MO 65215
Phone: (573) 876-7106

13. Cliff Bole & Bonnie M. Bole Orkow Scholarship Fund

DEADLINE: Contact sponsor

As the 14th largest and among the oldest of our nation’s more than 750 community foundations, The Pittsburgh Foundation sponsors this scholarship to promote primary public service agendas. Annual awards of $2,000 are made to sophomore and junior Geology majors at the Colorado School of Mines. Besides financial need, applicants must demonstrate outstanding scholarship and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.


Cliff Bole & Bonnie M. Bole Orkow Scholarship Fund
Colorado School of Mines
Financial Aid Office
1600 Maple Street
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: (303) 273-3301
E-mail: and

14. Coloradans for Nebraska Scholarship

DEADLINE: February 28

Coloradans for Nebraska (“Co4Nu”) is an official chapter of the Nebraska Alumni Association and sponsors this scholarship that makes annual awards of $1,500 to help deserving graduates of Colorado high schools make repeat performances at the University of Nebraska. Although no minimum GPA or other specific criteria are required, the Co4Nu Scholarship Selection Committee employs a rubric when reviewing applications. That template takes GPA, participation in Co4Nu and related activities, questionnaire response quality, reference letters, academic major and similar factors into full account.


Coloradans for Nebraska Scholarship
8200 S Quebec St #266
Centennial, CO 80112
Phone: (303) 719-4138

15. Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Essay Contest Scholarship -Alert Magazine


This scholarship is a prime example that provides positive proof that “Alert” magazine well deserves its widespread acclaim and many awards for helping America win its War on Drugs. Besides distributing free issues in 11 states, this innovative publication offers an ingenious solution to affect simultaneous public education about the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse as well as higher education access by worthy high school seniors who supply graphic illustrations.

An essay of 600 to 800 words about personal experiences with drug and/or alcohol abuse, a minimum 2.5 GPA, and a recent head shot are all it takes to get a shot at stardom as the next featured winner in a future issue of “Alert”-not to mention $500 for higher learning by teaching others how to avoid exorbitant tuition for hard-learned lessons taught by First-Hand Experience.

As no application form or deadline exists, eligible would-be scholars have no excuse and every reason explore this rare opportunity.


Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Essay Contest Scholarship -Alert Magazine
Alert Magazine
P.O. Box 4833
Boise, Idaho 83711
Phone: (208) 375-7911 or (800) 398-0842

16. Greenhouse Scholars Scholarship

DEADLINE: December 10

This scholarship program first sprouted in 1995 as the fledgling brainchild of a few brand marketing experts at Greenhouse Partners. Since then, it has rapidly taken firm root to blossom as a full-blown viable solution for higher education of low-income students. Its initial seedlings have likewise grown into solid community leaders who give back just as good as they got by branching out into extensive mentorship and volunteerism efforts that build bridges of opportunity for the next crop of bright but underfunded burgeoning scholars.

Applicants must be high school seniors who are U.S. citizens and Colorado or Illinois residents. Additional qualifications include a minimum 3.5 GPA and demonstrated interest in community improvement, leadership skills, financial need, and perseverance amidst extreme adversity.


Greenhouse Scholars Scholarship
1881 9th Street, Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: (303) 459-5473

17. Korean American Scholarship Foundation – Western Region


The Korean American Scholarship Foundation (“KASF”) is a non-profit organization that sponsors this scholarship to promote leadership and cultural pride among young Korean Americans. Eligible applicants must be high school seniors or current college students within KASF’s Western Region with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and demonstrated financial need.


Korean American Scholarship Foundation – Western Region
3540 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 920
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: (213) 380-5273

18. LEAD Foundation Community Scholarship


Learning and Educating about Disabilities (“LEAD”) Foundation is a non-profit organization and leading supporter of those affected by learning disabilities and ADHD. Towards fulfilling this laudable role, LEAD makes an annual award of $1,000 to help a Colorado resident with a minimum 2.8 GPA and a documented learning disability or ADHD pursue a college degree. Strong preference is given to candidates who exhibit zealous advocacy and self-education about effective ways to conquer educational obstacles.


Lead Foundation Community Scholarship
Heather Byrne, Scholarship Administrator
PO Box 38895
Colorado Springs, CO 80937

19. MGMA Western Section Scholarships


The Medical Group Management Association (“MGMA”) administers this program comprised of 10 different scholarships collectively denoted as the American College of Medical Practice Executives Scholarship Fund, Inc. (“SFI”). Annual awards range from $1,000 to $5,000 and typically average $2,500. The basic eligibility requirement is attendance at a post-secondary degree program related to medical practice management. The most influential factor in selections is demonstrated potential for significant contributions to medical practice management by virtue of current position, expertise, and/or future career plans.


MGMA Western Section Scholarships
MGMA International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc.
Phone: (800) 310-4053 or
ACMPE Scholarship Fund Inc.
Phone: (877) 275-6462, ext. 1205

20. Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute Scholarship Program

DEADLINE: February 1

The Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute (“RCMI”) sponsors this scholarship program to help students pursue higher learning that promotes “western coal through education.” RCMI puts its money where its mouth is by making an impressive total of 17 annual awards to promising college juniors and seniors in related bachelor’s degree programs. This well-endowed entourage of economic assistance is well-rounded with eight renewable Engineering/Geology scholarships of $2,700, eight one-time Technology scholarships of $1,000, and a Higher Education Scholarship for previous recipients who decide to explore deeper levels of mining or engineering knowledge via graduate studies. Basic eligibility criteria are U.S. citizenship, expressed interest in a Western coal career, and full-time attendance at a related degree program in an RCMI state.


Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute Scholarship Program
3500 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Ste. 211
Lakewood, CO 80235
Phone: (303) 948-3300

21. Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation

DEADLINE: March 15

This scholarship fund exists to provide financial assistance to help persistent scholars who survived childhood cancer express the highest form of gratitude and even greater fortitude by pursuing higher education. Strongest influential factors in recipient selections are GPA, SAT/ACT scores, treating physician’s statement, recommendation letters, and application questionnaire responses.


Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation
1170 E. Long Place
Centennial, CO 80122
Phone: (303) 886-5018

22. The Pinnacol Foundation College Scholarship Program

DEADLINE: March 31

Colorado’s leading worker’s compensation provider Pinnacol Assurance established this program to assist the offspring of employees who were killed or severely hurt due to work-related accidents. Applicants must be 16 to 25 years of age and either a high school senior, high school graduate, or GED holder who exhibits outstanding scholarship, financial need, and community service involvement. Non-renewable annual awards average $5,000 and are applicable to attendance costs at any accredited U.S. postsecondary school.


The Pinnacol Foundation College Scholarship Program
7501 E. Lowry Blvd.
Denver, CO 80230
Phone: (303) 361-4775 or (800) 873-7242, ext. 4775

23. Columbine Memorial Scholarship – Teachers and Professional Staff


The Jefferson Foundation and Rocky Mountain News founded this memorial scholarship in honor of twelve students and one teacher slain in the 1999 Columbine High School tragedy. As of 2013, one award of $1,500 will be made. Applicants must be a teacher or other school employee at a Jefferson County high school and intend to pursue higher learning in an education-related discipline.


Columbine Memorial Scholarship – Teachers and Professional Staff
Jack Czarniecki
The Denver Foundation
55 Madison Street, Suite 800
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: (303) 996-7328

24. Latin American Educational Foundation (“LAEF”) Scholarship

DEADLINE: Contact sponsor

LAEF sponsors this scholarship to facilitate a primary agenda of providing Hispanic students with essential resources to pursue higher education. Applicants must be Colorado residents as evidenced by permanent physical address, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and willing to perform 10 hours of community service at LEAF or current educational institution during academic year of funding.


Latin American Educational Foundation
561 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (303) 446-0541

25. Caroline Cramer-Voss Music Scholarship Fund


The Caroline Cramer-Voss Music Scholarship Fund was established to provide significant monetary awards to promising music majors and minors at Colorado State University – Pueblo. To be eligible for one of these awards, which vary in amount, students must be accepted into the University, have an audition in front of the music faculty and complete the FAFSA and all necessary applications by March 1st.


2200 Bonforte Blvd. Pueblo, CO 81001-4901
Switchboard: 719.549.2100


For those who persevered to this point, the foregoing partial listing of possible funding sources should be persuasive evidence that efforts expended to exhaust every avenue to higher education are well worthwhile. Conduct thorough research to amass relevant raw data and follow-up with mass scholarship applications. Then, calculate the ROI on time spent relative to funds obtained. You’ll be amazed to learn your true return for a few hours spent finding benefits that last a lifetime.

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