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Computer science is a storied field, going all the way back to the early days of computer development. It covers every viable scientific, technical and innovative field of ongoing computer development, and applies to both hardware and software concerns. There are a lot of computer science degree programs out there for today’s college and university students to choose from, and the good ones all have a few things in common. One of the most important aspects of selecting a computer science degree program is to apply to institutions which boast a robust research department.

Why is having a strong research department important to the study of computer science?

Specialized Fields Require Strong Initiative

As an overall concept,  computer science includes a huge range of specialized fields . Everything from the development of new programming languages, to the refinement of telecommunications networks, to the creation of more intuitive human-computer interfaces and the ongoing effort to produce better AI software can be traced back to concepts originating in general computer science. These fields are some of the most cutting-edge and technically demanding fields in the world, and they rely upon strong research skills and practical experience. A great research department will give aspiring future professionals the ability to grow and develop the skills that will be absolutely required, assuming they wish to enter into any of the more exciting and promising computer science frontiers.

The Best Technical Education is Hands-On

Research into educational models and ideas has repeatedly demonstrated that  practical, hands-on educational methods  are the best way to instruct the broadest range of students in highly advanced fields, even those whose professionals start out with an idea and a chalkboard. At some point, these ideas need to cross the threshold from theory to practice, becoming a part of reality, instead of sketches in a notebook. If a student is prevented from applying their knowledge in a practical manner as they learn it, they miss out on the most crucial aspect of their studies, and they don’t learn about the best way to “transport” a concept from idea to reality.

It’sImportant to Not Be Left Behind

Computer science is a cutting-edge discipline, with a host of specialized pursuits, each of which relies heavily upon the constant process of innovation and development. Research and advancement are ongoing all the time, all over the world. The concept of research, ultimately, is behind everything we use in modern society: all of our technology, computerized and otherwise, is dependenet upon research. This is true, not only for the initial introduction of a new piece of technology, but also for its subsequent improvement and refinement. To dedicate onself to a computer research program without a strong focus on research and development is to spend far too much time focusing on the theoretical, missing out on opportunities and inspired moments which might otherwise have led to chances for practical learning — or even real innovation.

By selecting a computer science degree program with a robust, well-funded research department, computer science majors increase the value of their skills. They are able to immerse themselves in environments that are rich with inspiration for cutting-edge technological ideas and advancements. The reputation and accreditation maintained by these programs also makes their academic credentials much more impressive to prospective employers.

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