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Unique MBA Grad Careers

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Financial Management Officer
  • Health Services Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Information Technology Director

Getting an MBA opens the window up the many distinct and highly valuable career opportunities. There are many unique careers for MBA grads can streamline the efficiency of business in distinct ways that demand differently specialized forms of experience. The following are all unique careers for MBA grads that are interested in contributing their skills in ways that there very high levels of demand for in the job market.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

If there are any technical aspects in the way that a company has to be run, somebody has to ensure that these technical aspects are properly managed. With the expertise of a  chief technology officer (CTO) , a company can have much more support in terms of its technical operation facilitation. A CTO personally oversees all of the core technological components of a company that needs to have them operated efficiently.

In order to ensure that the company’s technical priorities can be facilitated effectively, the CTO will first be briefed on what the core directives of the company in question are. By having an accurate idea of what the core strategic goals of the company are, the CTO can ensure that everybody that they oversee is on the same page. Through the central nexus of information that the chief technology officer facilitates, the IT department and the IO department can both be kept on the same page consistently.

Financial Management Officer

As the scale of a company increases with its development, it will be important to ensure that its financial management is organized. A  financial management officer  can ensure that the growth of the company does not outpace its ability to make sure that its finances are kept in order.

Much like a CTO, a financial management officer will be responsible for the continued cooperation and clarity between multiple departments. Financial managers can keep a sharp eye of perspective on the top-level financial goals of the company and ensure that these goals are kept current with throughout the fiscal year.

Health Services Manager

No matter what the specialization of a healthcare provider may be, ensuring that said health services are properly controlled is essential. A health services manager will ensure that nothing but the best degree of care is being taken to facilitate the best quality of health services for all that depend on.

The contribution of the health services manager is not only important in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of making sure that all patients are humanely treated. The competence of a health services manager can be very important for keeping a company within regulatory compliance for treatment that meets all standards of sanitation and humane treatment.

Marketing Manager

Every business that engages in marketing operations will benefit greatly from a seasoned marketing manager. A marketing manager can keep a clear eye of perspective on what the top-level goal of the company is in terms of target customer outreach, and with this perception, the marketing manager can ensure that this vision has a better chance of being reached.

Though not necessarily a financial manager by trade, a marketing manager can very well see just how much justice the company’s marketing goals can be done within a reasonable marketing budget.

Information Technology Director

The information technology director will play a very vital role in making sure that the digital infrastructure of a company is kept organized. The contribution of the information technology director will keep the business safe from unforeseen circumstances that may temporarily compromise digital security.

Though an information technology director will ideally not have to exercise too many emergency executions to bring the company back from the brink of collapse, their ability to do so can be invaluable when there many who would take advantage of any digital vulnerabilities that company has but is not yet aware of.

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