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Coding Tips

  • Start With One Language
  • Code by Hand
  • Learn by Doing
  • Focus on the Fundamentals
  • How to Learn Coding- Seek Online Help

If you’ve ever wondered how to learn coding, you’re not alone: coding is fast becoming one of the best ways to lift people  out of poverty  while giving them a skill set that will become more valuable as time goes on. It’s also becoming more popular as an industry, providing job opportunities for anyone who seeks this industry out. If you’re getting started in coding, here are five tips that will make the process easier for you.

1. Start With One Language

There are dozens of computer programming languages, each with its own specific function within a website or application. These functions include systems, front-end development, scripting, science, general programming, and design computer languages. You’ll have to do your research to see which language you want to start with because its function will determine what type of coder you will begin your career as. The most popular languages are JavaScript, Ruby, and Python; however, you can choose any language you wish.

2. Code by Hand

Coding by hand is one of the top five tips for learning coding, and for good reason: it is not only a way to ensure your brain remembers the information, it’s also a requirement for getting a job at a company. That’s right: in order to land a job as a coder, you’re going to have to show proficiency by handwriting code on a piece of paper to demonstrate you don’t need a computer to do your job. It also serves another function in that coding by hand allows you to see a problem and work on it without the use of a computer, enabling you to come up with a variety of solutions that you can then try one at a time.

3. Learn by Doing

While coding by hand can be a help when learning coding, there is no substitute for actually coding. This top tip for learning coding is delivered by both freelance and professional coders because it enables you the chance to see how coding works and lets you play with the code to find new tools and shortcuts. The same goes for practicing; code when you can, as often as you can. The more you can code and see the results on a screen, the more proficient you will become, making the coding education experience go by quickly. You’ll also become more confident as a coder by practicing.

4. Focus on the Fundamentals

Drilling the fundamentals into your brain is one of the top five tips for learning coding. While you may be in a rush to learn more advanced programming languages and begin your career, focusing on the fundamentals until they become second nature to you is the only way you’ll become a successful coder. Take your time when beginning to learn a language and practice the fundamentals over and over again; this way, when you begin advanced concepts, you won’t be confused as to how the fundamentals work in harder code problems.

5. How to Learn Coding- Seek Online Help

No matter whether a coder is a beginner or a master, they all continue to educate themselves through the use of online resources. Utilizing Reddit threads, video tutorials, and even online code schools, coders can either strengthen their understanding of their main programming language or learn a completely new language. Remember, the more programming languages you know, the more you can diversify your portfolio and have a professional career. Alternatively, online help in the form of forums and open online courses can help you get the basics down before you begin to code anything on your own.

Coding can be challenging at first, but it doesn’t have to be. If you utilize these five tips, the answer of how to learn coding will be followed with job offers and a brand new career.

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