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College Blogger Tips

  • Set a Schedule
  • Find Your Niche
  • Know How to Network
  • Think of Writing as a Job
  • Write in Advance

The best tips for college bloggers are the same as the tops for new bloggers. Even if you have experience writing papers for your classes, student magazines or the school newspaper, writing for the web is a little different. As a college student, you need to find time to devote to your blog but also leave time for studying, hanging out with your friends and participating in school activities.

Set a Schedule

As a college blogger, you should always create some type of schedule in advance. Though blogging might sound like a fun hobby, it can feel a little tedious. You may find yourself struggling to write and post a good article because you need to do some homework or want to attend an upcoming party. When creating your schedule for the coming semester, set aside some blocks of time to work on your blog, even if you just schedule time to write one post a week.

Find Your Niche

While there are people who make a lot of money from their blogs, those who make the most are bloggers who found their niche. A niche is a specialized subject that you write about or a central theme for your blog. If you think you can create a blog about your first year in college or a general blog about your school, you’ll likely have a hard time finding readers. Look for a unique slant that you can give to your blog that will appeal to other college students.

Know How to Network

Using the right keywords and phrases is the best way to get readers to your page, but if you want to increase your page views and make more money, you need to know how to network too. Many bloggers have business cards that include their blog name and address on the front, which they hand out at conferences and other events. You can also find similar blogs and other blogs written by college students. Offer the owners of those blogs to exchange links that readers on both sites can follow.

Think of Writing as a Job

Far too many people think of writing and blogging as a hobby or something that they can do whenever the mood strikes. These are the people who launch blogs, write a few times and then stop because they don’t see people reading or leaving behind comments. You need to think about working on your blog in the same way you would a part-time job. The more work you put in to your blog, the more money you can make in the long run.

Write in Advance

Between midterms, homework and other assignments, you might not have as much time as you would like to work on your blog. Writing in advance lets you take a break whenever you need. In her list of tips for college bloggers and new bloggers,  Amy Lynn Andrews  suggests writing a minimum of 10 blog posts when you first launch the site and that you schedule regular posts of those blogs in the future. Most blogging platforms let you post an article right away or schedule that post for a date days or weeks from now. Writing in advance lets you schedule posts for anytime you need to focus more on your homework.

Blogging is a great way to vent your frustrations and talk about issues and things that interest you. There are a number of platforms that let you launch your own blogs for free. Some of the top tips for college bloggers including thinking of a blog as a job and finding your niche.


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