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Though some people assume that pastors are serious people who never laugh and do not know how to have a good time, the top five funny pastor blogs will completely change the way you think about this profession. Reading these blogs is especially important for those enrolled in a pastoral college program and those who think they might want to enroll in one. These blogs show you that there is a lighter side to working as a pastor.

Ken Davis

Pastor Ken Davis runs his own blog, which he uses to show followers that you can lighten up and have fun while still being religious. He posts a special blog called Lighten Up Monday each week that includes a short story about something funny that he experienced in the past. These posts sometimes include a short video that you can watch to see what he thinks about the subject. The pastor encourages readers to comment with their own thoughts and opinions on all posts.

The Unappreciated Pastor

Even those who attend church every week do not always realize the hard work that pastors do the rest of the week. The Unappreciated Pastor gives you a glimpse of some of the work that they do. This blog features practical advice for other pastors on how to grab the attention of a crowd and how to get feedback from parishioners. It also includes funny stories from the pastor’s own life. The insightful information he provides can help you get a realistic look at what life is like for a pastor.

Confessions of a Funeral Director

The man behind Confessions of a Funeral Director works closely with pastors and religious groups in his area and loves sharing some of his hilarious experiences with readers. While some of the posts are quite serious and cover subjects like dealing with the loss of a child or the steps to become a funeral director, other posts are more lighthearted. Caleb Wilde, the man who created the blog, also posts about his own life and the struggles he had with his faith, which will make you think.

Split Frame of Reference

When you visit Split Frame of Reference for the first time, you might wonder if there is anything funny about the blog. While some posts are quite dark and a little dry, the blog also features more lighthearted content. It includes images of religious paintings and artwork as well as information on how you can purchase a print or copy of that work for your own home. The author also likes talking about different religious beliefs and occasionally draws comparisons between religion and pop culture icons.

Stuff Christians Like

While Stuff Christians Like might sound like a shopping site, it’s actually one of the top funny pastor blogs for pastors who want to have a laugh at the end of the day. Jon Acuff, the man who created the blog, posted in the past about his relationship with God and some of the struggles he had. One of his more popular posts is about how churches often let associate or youth pastors take over on the day after Christmas and some of the things you can expect that pastor to do during his sermon.

The best pastor blogs include those written by pastors as well as those that pastors love to read. You can learn more about what goes on behind the scenes in your church and the funny insights pastors have. The top five funny pastor blogs take a lighthearted approach to the topics and subjects that you care about.

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