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Fascinating Child Development Courses

  • Cognitive Development
  • Social and Emotional Growth
  • Childhood Disorders
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Assessments and Interventions

To work as an early childhood education specialist or an elementary school teacher, you need to enroll in the right college program, which can require that you take some fascinating child development classes. These classes look at the ways in which young bodies and minds develop as well the factors and conditions that can lead to disabilities or other problems. According to the  Bureau of Labor Statistics , the median salary for a kindergarten or elementary school teacher is around $55,400 a year. Taking the right classes can help you become a better teacher and increase your salary.

Cognitive Development

Have you ever wondered why some children begin walking, talking and putting together sentences faster than their peers do? Taking a course on cognitive development will help you understand why this happens. Most child development programs included a course of the same name or a similar course. You’ll look at how environmental factors, genetics and other factors play a key role in the way the minds of children develop as they age.

Social and Emotional Growth

Not all kids grow and develop at the same level or rate, especially when it comes to social and emotional growth. Some kids may have an interest in people of the opposite sex at a young age, while others will hate being around kids of the opposite sex until they go through puberty. Emotional growth refers to the way kids mature over time, but social growth refers to the way they interact with and handle being around kids of the same age.

Childhood Disorders

Childhood disorders refer to the mental disorders and conditions that kids can suffer from at a young age. Common disorder can include anxiety and depression, which will make it difficult for kids to go to school and be around their friends and family. Some kids can also develop eating disorders or serious mental disorders like schizophrenia while still in school. Classes on childhood disorders will go over some of these diseases as well as what those conditions do to kids and some of the treatments that are available. You will also learn how educators and schools can help those kids.

Nutrition and Health

Every single thing that you put into your body plays a key role in how you feel and how healthy you are. Kids who learn to eat healthy at a younger age reduce their risks of developing certain medical conditions in the future like high blood pressure and diabetes. Some of the most fascinating courses in childhood development that you will take will cover aspects of health and nutrition. These courses are great for those who want to work as physical education or health teachers, but the classes are also helpful for anyone who wants to work with kids. You can learn how to encourage healthy eating habits in all of your students.

Assessments and Interventions

One of the hardest parts about working with children is that you may find yourself working with kids who suffer from diseases and conditions not yet diagnosed. Teachers may notice that a student exhibits symptoms of ADHD or has trouble with his or her eyesight before parents do. These childhood development classes will go over some of the assessments that educators do to identify these conditions and the interventions they stage to ensure that those kids get the help that they need.

Child Development Classes and Degrees: An Enriching and Stimulating Endeavor

Working as a kindergarten or elementary school teacher will require a bachelor’s degree, but a degree in childhood development can also help you work with kids outside of traditional classroom settings. As you work your way through one of these programs, you’ll have the chance to take some fascinating and interesting child development classes.


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