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MBA Tech Jobs

  • Research Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • IT Director
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Startup CEO

Earning an MBA doesn’t mean you’ll spend all your time overseeing business transactions, managing employees, or giving speaking tours. An MBA is a surprisingly versatile academic credential, and lends itself well to a variety of fields, from arts and marketing to back-end programming and tech team direction. Even if you didn’t complete a degree in computer science or another technical background, a career in tech with  a social sciences or liberal arts degree  is still more than just possible.

If you have a passion for tech and for business and management, an MBA can help you merge these skills into a high-powered tech career that will generate many opportunities to learn, create, grow, and – in some cases – change the way we think about and use technology. Here are five tech jobs for MBA grads.

Research Analyst

Research analysts may focus on any one of a number of areas, including marketing, sales, demographics, and many more. Most of your time will be spent receiving and compiling data, and then reviewing it to identify trends and make predictions. Research analysts will spend a lot of time communicating with the customer base of their company by explaining their analyses in a comprehensive way – so that the customer can put that analysis to work. Research analysis is a great tech career for anyone who enjoys distilling details into a larger picture.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers oversee everything to do with a company’s marketing department, from staff management and research to technological platforms and generating marketing plans. Marketing managers may also work in tandem with research analysts to create marketing plans that will best serve the company’s needs and goals, and present their plans to the executive team of their company. Even if you didn’t do your undergraduate degree in marketing, a degree like psychology, sociology, liberal arts, business, and even studio art or graphic design can lend itself well to marketing management upon completion of your MBA.

IT Director

An IT director wears many hats during the course of the day, including overseeing tech operations, ensuring that tech systems are operating correctly and moving in accordance with departmental and company goals, managing projects, and, yes, even coding. IT directors may work alongside marketing managers, financial managers, and other members of the company’s management team to facilitate and strategize company goals effectively. This role is great for those who did their undergraduate degree in computer science, cybersecurity, or other tech degree, though a liberal arts degree with a minor in a tech field along with an MBA with a tech concentration can do just as well in some cases.

Chief Technology Officer

Gaining a position as a CTO can be a bit of a long game, but for those willing to work hard, the road to executive management can be a rewarding one. The CTO oversees the union of technology and business within a company, and is responsible for overseeing technical proficiency and technological implementation, managing IT department budgets and policies, acquiring and managing digital assets, and a variety of other roles. The CTO has their fingers in all things technical, from marketing to operations platforms, and also readily engages with the business side of the company. For MBAs with enthusiasm for both tech and high-end management, they may want to aim for this position.

Startup CEO

If you’re especially keen to skip over working for someone else and want to lead your own company, consider forming a tech startup company. Whether you have your startup specialize in marketing or interaction design, interface development or back-end security, an MBA on top of a well-tailored undergraduate degree can help prepare you excellently to lead your own startup. The entrepreneurial route isn’t for everyone, but an MBA can still serve as excellent preparation for that route.

Long gone are the days where MBAs spent all their time overseeing financial reports or typing away in an office. The worlds of tech and business are intricately merged, creating much more room for MBAs in tech environments that can benefit from their expertise.

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