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Twitter Feeds for Business Majors

  • @work_matters
  • @charmin
  • @EntMagazineAmy
  • Spectrum
  • Major League Baseball

As a business major in college or graduate school, you can learn quite a bit from the best Twitter feeds about business. Twitter is a unique social networking site that requires users to post updates that use a smaller number of characters, which allows readers to follow along and easily read tweets. While you can stay informed about breaking news stories, stay up to date with your favorite celebrities and even enter contests to win prizes, you should also follow a few business oriented Twitter feeds.


Inc.  picked @work_matters as one of the best Twitter feeds relating to business for 2015. Run by popular business writer Bob Sutton, this twitter feed features the type of no nonsense writing that helps you get an unbiased look at breaking news and important research. Though Sutton occasionally uses curse words that might turn off some readers, he includes information that you won’t find anywhere else. His feed often includes tweets that express his own opinion too.


Despite Twitter being such a popular site, some companies still don’t know how to use it to their benefit. As you look up some of your favorite brands and read their feeds, you’ll find that many are so dry and boring that you don’t want to follow them. The best companies are those that offer fun information that allows them to connect with followers, which is why @charmin is so popular. Charmin, the same company known for its commercials that feature bears talking about toilet paper, has one of the funniest feeds around.


One Twitter feed that you should really follow is @EntMagazineAmy, which is the feed run by Amy Cosper, the editor in chief at Entrepreneur Magazine. As editor of one of the world’s top business magazines, Cosper understands the type of information and content that followers want to read. While some of her posts simply link back to articles on the magazine’s website, she often posts simple content that lets you learn everything you need to know in just a few characters. When she does tweet links to articles, she takes the time to explain what those articles are about too.


Spectrum, the cable and internet service provider formerly known as Time Warner Cable, is one of the few companies that understands why customers use Twitter. Its handle @AskSpectrum serves as a way for customers to reach out to the company with any questions they have. They can get in touch with a customer service representative almost instantly without waiting on hold on the phone. Spectrum also operates the @GetSpectrum handle that allows prospective customers to ask questions about service before signing up.

Major League Baseball

While some people do not consider sports teams as companies, Major League Baseball makes billions of dollars every year. The MLB also operates some of the top Twitter feeds about business that fans love to follow. One of those is @MLBStatOfTheDay, which releases a new baseball stat at least once a day. It also runs a Twitter handle dedicated to telling fans about the latest moves and other MLB news. The reason the MLB ranks as one of the top business Twitter feeds is because it provides information that fans can use when creating their fantasy rosters and information that helps investors learn about any upcoming changes to the sport.

Though you might have a lot on your plate as a business student, you still have time to follow and check out a few Twitter feeds. The top Twitter feeds about business provide you with news and information you can use in your classes and talk about with classmates.

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