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Effective Manager Traits

  • Great Attitude
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Nurture Great Talent

Identifying the traits of effective managers is a subject that usually sparks heated debates. This is mainly due to the common perception that all managers are already effective, regardless of how they carry themselves or handle situations on a daily basis. This is completely untrue. Someone who does not have the essential qualities needed to run a company is bound to fail despite his status. Here are the top five traits an effective manager should exhibit.

Great Attitude

Attitude influences almost everything at the workplace. Effective managers know that the attitude they develop every morning sets the pace for the day. They always ensure they develop the right attitude to inspire the employees and create a positive work environment. They let others know when they disagree and take the time to look at facts before making decisions.

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Effective leaders also know how to manage their emotions based on the work environment. They know the right body language to use to communicate. In addition, they understand when to take certain situations lightly and when to hold others with a high degree of urgency.


Honesty is the secret ingredient to great work relations and successful organizations. Without honesty, distrust begins to creep in and productivity starts to slow down. Effective leaders do not shy away from telling their team members the truth. They are not afraid of telling them when their work is not up to the expected standards. They speak in a way that is direct, factual and straightforward, especially when it comes to unpleasant news or feedback. By doing this, they show that they genuinely care about the well-being of their team members. They also show that they are confident that the employees can improve in the future.


Accountability is a trait every employee, stakeholder or shareholder desires in a company manager. It builds trust, improves employee performance, inspires confidence and promotes ownership. Effective managers know how to be accountable and also inspire their employees to do so. They are able to explain clearly to the management and other stakeholders why they choose to do things in a given manner and take responsibility for the outcome of their decision. They are also willing to be accountable for all the actions of the employees whenever appropriate. In addition, highly effective managers do not make excuses or blame others for their mistakes.

Effective Decision Making

Making decisions  is one of the most critical aspects of management. Managers are often expected to make decisions that can guide the company towards success. Someone who cannot make the right decisions at critical moments will only bring more problems. Effective managers know how to analyze the critical issues affecting the company and make great decisions. They consider all the alternatives selected, analyze them and consult with the experts before implementing them to meet specific objectives.

Nurture Great Talent

Hiring talented employees to steer a company towards greater heights is a challenging task. It involves a lot of listing in media outlets, scrutinizing and interviews, which can consumer a lot of money and time. It is thus important to develop talent internally to avoid the hustles associated with hiring new individuals. One of the benefits companies get from effective managers is they know how to develop great talent. They know how to get the employees in the right positions so that they can explore their talents. They do this through motivational talks, mentorship opportunities and implementing career development programs.

Great team leaders are hard to come by. The traits of effective managers discussed above will help you know what is required of you as a company leader.

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