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Nonprofit Organization Jobs

  • Grant Coordinator
  • Software Engineer
  • Communications Director
  • Foundation Program Officer
  • Nonprofit Executive Director

Jobs at nonprofit organizations offer a perfect escape route for individuals who cannot handle the immense work pressure in profit-based companies. Most of these jobs pay well and have a lot of potential for growth. Not to mention, they give you the perfect platform to make a positive impact on someone’s life and effect social changes in the community you are serving. Here is a roundup of the top five jobs you can get at nonprofit organizations.

Grant Coordinator

A grant coordinator works to ensure the organization gets enough resources to sustain its agenda. His work involves looking for funds from corporations, business people, government settings or any other volunteers who are willing to support the activities of the organization. He works with the planning and finance departments to understand the proposed activities and the amount of money required. He then comes up with a list of potential financiers and reaches out to them for assistance. Grant coordinators earn between $34,576 and $60,323 per year. Those who work for international organizations earn up to $100,000.

Software Engineer

A software engineer develops information systems in a nonprofit organization. He combines the knowledge of programming, coding, computer applications, data structure and algorithms to come up with various software solutions for the organization. Other duties include acquiring the right IT infrastructures, securing the computer systems and improving operations. Software engineers are in high demand in the nonprofit sector, as organizations continue to leverage new technology to enhance efficiency. They earn between $56,856 and $126,691 per year.

Communications Director

A communication director is responsible for handling the organization’s public image. He builds and maintains the organization’s reputation for reliability, quality and satisfaction. He does this by liaising with the media personnel to get the organization featured on TV shows and launching press releases on contentious issues. A communication director may also do the work of a grant coordinator by wooing people to donate to the organization. Communication directors earn between $42,737 to $133,521. The salary depends on the size of the organization and the experience level of the individual. Those who have a lot of experience and work for international organizations earn more.

Foundation Program Officer

A foundation program officer works with the grant coordinator and the management to decide on how to spend the money collected through grants. In order to do this, he must come up with a list of activities the organization plans to undertake and allocate the right amount of money for each activity. This may require working with the grant manager and the accounting officer. The officer also ensures that the organization meets the set objectives and follows its vision. Foundation program officers earn between  $44,785 and $106,115  per year.

Nonprofit Executive Director

An executive director acts as the CEO of the organization. He is in charge of all the daily operations. He steers the policy implementation meetings, creates new strategies and oversees the development of the budget. The executive director also meets with the board of governors to update them on the progress of the organization. Those who want to apply for an executive position in nonprofit organizations must have at least a master’s degree in a relevant course. Executive directors earn some of the best salaries in the nonprofit sector. They earn as high as $150,750 per year.

Working for a nonprofit organization can be a rewarding experience if you are the type of person who likes to make a positive impact on people’s lives and change the society for the better. The list discussed above represents the highest-paying and most satisfying jobs at nonprofit organizations.

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