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Interdisciplinary Studies Scholarships

  • Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship
  • Study.com Scholarship
  • American Architectural Foundation and Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation Traveling Fellowship
  • Hit the Books
  • Elie Wiesel Prize In Ethics Essay Contest

Finding scholarships for interdisciplinary studies often requires that you think outside of the box.

Also known as a general studies degree, this is a degree that you build and customize around your own needs and future goals. You can even create a degree that your college doesn’t offer.

In addition to searching for interdisciplinary and general studies scholarships, search for scholarships that are open to all students and scholarships that all colleges accept.

Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship

The Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship is just one of the scholarships available through the United Negro College Fund. Though it is only open to African American students, qualifying applicants get $5,000 for any of their college expenses. Students must be a full-time college student and have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. The United Negro College Fund requires that students applying for this scholarship major in art or history. Interdisciplinary studies students will need to create a program based around one of those two subjects to qualify.

Study.com Scholarship

Study.com is a website that provides useful tips and helpful information for high school students applying to college and currently enrolled college students. It also provides one qualified student with a $500 scholarship each year. Though the site offers scholarships for those studying topics like engineering or nursing, it also offers a scholarship for liberal arts students. Applicants must major in a field like ethnic or cultural studies, which are popular components of an interdisciplinary program. The scholarship is open to those studying at the associate’s or bachelor’s level.

American Architectural Foundation and Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation Traveling Fellowship

Graduate school can cost twice as much as an undergrad program does, but the American Architectural Foundation and Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation Traveling Fellowship now offer a scholarship designed to help graduate students pay for school. Those applying for the scholarship must have plans to attend graduate school and agree to study a program that includes elements or art and architecture. Students may need to show proof that they received an acceptance letter from an accredited college too. The deadline for this scholarship is at the beginning of March each year, and winners receive $5,000.

Hit the Books

U.S. News & World Report  recommends that students keep detailed records of each scholarship they apply for and that they pay special attention to the deadline for each one. While some scholarships have a deadline near the end of the spring or the middle of summer, others require that applicants apply late in the winter. Hit the Books has a scholarship deadline at the end of January, and the winner will receive his or her award before classes start in the spring. Applicants must write a 500-word essay that explains why education is so important to them and why they need the $500 scholarship.

Elie Wiesel Prize In Ethics Essay Contest

Though not a traditional scholarship, the Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest is a great way to get some extra cash for college. Similar to other scholarships for interdisciplinary studies majors, it requires that applicants write an essay that explains some of the ethical issues facing them and how they confronted some of those issues. The deadline is in December, but five students win $5,000 cash prizes each year.

Unlike loans that students pay back once they graduate, scholarships are funds that students can use for any college expenses, including tuition, miscellaneous fees, textbooks or room and board. Though scholarships for interdisciplinary studies and general studies majors are available, students will generally need to spend more time looking for those scholarships that other students do.

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