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Reddit is one of the top social networking sites around and one of the best places to communicate with others, which is why psychology students often look for a psychology subreddit to help them with their classes. Unlike other sites that use your real name and personal information, Reddit lets you create an anonymous account that you can use for posting comments and questions. You’ll find helpful information as well as fun things on the site.

IO Psychology

The first subreddit that you should hit is  IO Psychology . This subreddit deals specifically with industrial and organizational psychology topics and can come in handy when you have an upcoming assignment or test. You’ll also find fun articles that you can read through and then share with your teachers and other students. IO Psychology includes links on the side of the page that direct you to discussions for college students. These links include information on finding scholarships and other ways to pay for college and how to apply to grad school.

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Though the College subreddit doesn’t cover only psychology topics, it’s a great resource for anyone in college. Many of the posts found on the home page include links to articles on the job market for recent graduates, new and emerging careers and even how to make extra money while in school. You can use the handy search box on the side of the page to search for the information that you want, and you can tell the site to only search this subreddit. Recent discussions included the benefits of living in a dorm room and the best subjects to study.

Explain Like I’m Five

Have you ever come across a term or a subject in one of your psychology textbooks that you just didn’t understand? Explain Like I’m Five is a great place to post your question and get some clarification. Those using Reddit often use the term ELI5 when referencing this subreddit. There is no question too small or too simple for you to post. Almost instantly after you submit a question, you will start seeing responses. Even if you move to another subreddit, the site will notify you of new responses.


Psychology is the official and main psychology subreddit on the site. A small box on the side of the page tells you the number of users subscribed to this subreddit and the number of users currently on the site. You can also find tips on writing your first post and links to helpful subreddits that feature psychology videos, suicide prevention and psychology research. Users typically make a few new posts every day, which is why you need to check back often. You can also subscribe to the subreddit and find out updates each time you log in to the site.

Ask Psychology

While Ask Psychology has fewer subscribers and fewer daily readers, it is a helpful and useful subreddit for college students. This is a place where you can ask questions and get answers without feeling judged. Some posts come from those struggling with mental conditions who want to know what treatments work best and what books they can read to find out more. Other posts come from college students majoring in psychology who need help finding research materials, writing survey questions and doing other assignments.

As a psychology student, you will find a number of resources available to you both at your school and online, and Reddit is one of the best online resources for you. The official Psychology subreddit and other pages can help you find research materials and get help understanding course materials.

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8 Career Paths for a Master’s in Counseling Graduate

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Are you interested in helping others resolve their issues and hurdles through talk therapy? You may want to consider a career in the counseling field. Counseling is a field that’s...

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The Master’s in Mental Health Counseling Career Guide

June 16, 2021   |   Lyss Welding

Mental health counseling jobs exist across many settings — from hospitals and government agencies to schools and private practices, and they’re projected to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)...

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