5 Popular Liberal Arts Degrees

  • Creative Writing
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Language Studies
  • Liberal Arts

Degrees in the liberal arts are becoming more and more popular – and not just as segues into other academic paths. The liberal arts form the basis of a great deal of scholastic study in the United States, and as we gain a greater understanding of how different academic realms work together, the liberal arts have become more important than ever in the professional, academic, and political worlds, according to  Forbes .

Whether specialized or a broad overview of liberal arts subject matter, a liberal arts degree can lead to some of the best-paid jobs in the market. Here are five popular liberal arts degrees.

1. Creative Writing

A creative writing degree isn’t just for writing novels – it is applicable to a much broader field of interest. Creative writing can be parlayed into a career in journalism, marketing, content writing, editing and publication, and any other position in which strong writing skills are needed. Creative writing degrees can also be applied to the educational sector, teaching and tutoring students of all kinds writing and research skills, writing voice, and grammar.

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2. Sociology

Sociology has become more popular than ever as the world becomes more connected – and more politically aware. One of the main social sciences, sociology degrees can be leveraged not just into a career with a sociological think tank or research institute, but careers in politics, marketing, community and youth development, and family support work. For students who are strongly interested in working with the public, sociology marks an excellent choice for those interested in developing and improving communities worldwide.

3. Political Science

With the political landscape around the world dramatically shifting, political science has become a tremendously popular choice of major in every corner of the world. Political science research institutions are growing, particularly in European and Asian nations. In addition, political science majors may work as political aides and handlers, seek entrance into public office, or work in a variety of state positions to assist in the creation of a more effective and efficient government – particularly if a relevant minor, such as mathematics, finance, or technology is pursued in addition to the main course of study.

4. Language Studies

A more connected world means a higher demand for command of languages – making language studies a very popular choice. A degree in language studies can be general or highly specialized in a particular language and culture, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic – all very much in demand in today’s world of business. Language studies majors may work as translators, interpreters, educators, and cultural writers, among many other positions that require a thorough study of languages or a specific tongue.

5. Liberal Arts

A straight degree in liberal arts, or humanities and social sciences, has become many a student’s ticket to working for a world-class company. Because liberal arts majors study a broad overview of topics throughout the course of their degree, employers are hiring them in droves due to the range of skills and knowledge they develop. A degree in liberal arts can translate into careers in almost any field from marketing and tech to education and community work – particularly if paired with a minor.

Each of these degree programs represents a different body of interests, skills, and professional opportunities for the graduate – and all are well worth considering.

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