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ESOL Certification Jobs

  • Adult ESL Teacher
  • Academic Communications Instructor
  • GED Instructor
  • TESOL Instructor
  • Speech Instructor

The potential areas that you can provide value in with  ESOL certification  are very diverse. In many areas of the world, there are people who find great value in the ability to be helped by a credentialed instructor in the way to speak English properly. Even within the United States, there are people who benefit greatly from having someone patiently instruct them in the best practices to better develop their English fluency. The manners in which you can apply your ESOL certification are limited only by your desire to contribute value in one particular way over the other. The following are just a few of the many jobs that there are for those with ESOL certification who would like to make a difference.

Adult ESL Teacher

Becoming an ESL teacher can be a highly fitting choice for those who both want to help people learn English and would prefer to have more opportunities to travel at the same time. There are thousands of people in different countries who desperately need somebody to help them strengthen their English skills later on in life, and with a highly reliable ESL teacher, they can have exactly that.

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Academic Communications Instructor

Aside from going overseas to teach English to adults, getting certified in ESOL can also make you credible as an instructor of stronger communication skills in academic settings across the nation. The settings in which you can apply your communications instruction may include the college level, high school and even elementary school. No matter what the academic setting in question may be that you apply your skills to, your contribution will be valuable for assisting burgeoning professionals in all fields in which communication is valuable.

GED Instructor

One of the more closely targeted areas of academic instruction is that of a GED instructor. Just as there are many adults who need help with developing their English skills later in life in foreign countries, there are those that need a stronger base of communication skills to have the best possible chance at furthering their ambitions to earn their GED. By becoming a GED instructor, you can be providing a much better chance for those who are still working to get to their academic careers off the ground later in life.

TESOL Instructor

Not only can you contribute a great deal by helping individuals learn better communication skills, but you could also use your certification to instruct other teachers who want to improve their skills as well. For those who have more experience in teaching better communication skills to a variety of people, one of the next best career moves may be to share some of the best skills that they have learned for helping their students to other teachers in the same line of work

Speech Instructor

Even if one is already fluent in English, one of the most potentially helpful areas to receive instruction in is simply learning more effective ways to convey one’s thoughts in conversation. With certification in ESOL, you can be a reliable instructor for someone to obtain better basic skills in simply communicating in everyday situations more effectively.

As effective communication and sharp English skills go hand-in-hand, both can be highly relevant ways for those who are ESOL-certified to strengthen their portfolio as instructors.

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