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As you study different fields of psychology like abnormal psychology and childhood development, you might use psychology blogs as a way to gain a better understanding of some topics. These blogs also provide links to some of the current research in the field and include interviews with some of the leading experts practicing today. The top blogs can even help you research papers and assignments for your classes.


No matter what area of psychology that you want to learn more about,  PsychCentral  is the best place to start. As one of the more professional psychology sites on the internet, the site provides information, including symptoms and treatments, of different conditions like autism and depression. Many of the articles posed on the blog, which is a standalone feature of the site, come from those written by its staff. You can pick up tips on how to spot symptoms in yourself and loved ones and unique treatment methods like using music to cure depression.


When you read through some blogs and the articles posted on those blogs, you have no way of knowing how accurate the information is that you read. PSYBLOG is a good resource for both practicing professionals and college students because all its articles come from Dr. Jeremy Dean. Dean created a start page that explains what you’ll find on the blog and how you can navigate through the blog to find the info that you need. You can even follow a link to get a copy of Dean’s e-book.

Child Psychology & Parenting Blog

Though you might skin over this blog because you assume it features stories from parents, Child Psychology & Parenting Blog is actually a highly informative site. The editorials listed on the site always have the word editorial in front to let you know that the article is more of an opinion piece than a factual piece. Most of the posts include detailed information about current research in child psychology and parenting methods. While the author does include a link back to the original research, you can get a broad overview of the information that is easy to understand on the blog itself.

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The Situationist

Social psychology is a field of psychology that deals with the social relationships that exist between people and how different social situations affect people in different ways. The Situationist is a unique blog devoted entirely to social psychology. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to sit down and read, you can download one of its podcasts and listen to it while traveling to work or school. This blog actually functions much like an online magazine and includes links to current research and bios of its contributors.

Psychology Corner

When you want a break from the psychology blogs that feature a lot of academic writing and research, you should head to Psychology Corner, which is one of the more fun and entertaining blogs devoted to psychology. The home page of the blog features links to book reviews, famous psychologists and interesting quotes. The quotes section is part of an ongoing project that lists 10 important quotes by leading authors, psychologists and other famous people. You can also click a list button from the home page to view a list of all articles published on the blog.

While psychology looks at human behaviors and thoughts, it also includes some interesting categories of study like social psychology and abnormal psychology. As a student in an undergrad or graduate psych program, you’ll want to use the top psychology blogs to learn more about famous psychologists, possible treatments and breaking news.

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