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Criminal Justice Online Resources

  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service
  • National Institute of Justice Publications
  • Oxford Research Encyclopedias
  • American Society of Criminology
  • Encyclopedia Britannica

Criminal justice is a popular college major in America today and is projected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. At the same time, it covers a wide range of possible career paths. As a program, it prepares students for prospective careers in such fields as politics, justice, law enforcement, private investigation, and administration. Graduates of highly accredited programs in the field have gone on to hold positions in congress and on the supreme court, as well as becoming business executives, lawyers, and a wide range of other professionals.

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As such a broad range of possibilities are opened up by a reputable program in this field, it is important for students to take advantage of whatever resources are at their disposal. The modern college student needs to find a focal point, and keep on it, with an intended career path in mind. Online resources are also good for supporting one’s academic studies in an ongoing fashion. Here are five of the best online resources available for justice students today.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

The  NCJRS  is a government-funded resource for students and professionals pursuing justice-related careers. It liaises with a variety of federal agencies and covers ideas and principles of justice and law enforcement from both the academic and the professional perspective. Articles can be referenced by topic, browsed alphabetically, or discovered through connections to particular bureaus and departments within the US government. The website also offers connections to online journals, and to events and conferences related to the justice field.

National Institute of Justice Publications

The NIJ  archives its publications and journals  for easy sorting and reference. This represents an expansive library of online documentation, one that covers everything from corrections, the US court system, and law enforcement techniques to crime-specific academic works and forensic science journals. Also provided are convenient statistics collected and compiled by Justice Department professionals, which can be used for referencing in academic work and other student documentation.

Oxford Research Encyclopedias

Examining  the criminology pages of the Oxford Research Encyclopedias , one finds a wealth of resources made readily available. This includes in-depth research conducted by some of the world’s most respected scholars in the fields of justice, criminology and forensics. There are also links to publications and organizations, based in a wide range of locations across the globe (including within the United States). This allows for a quick and convenient student access to a diverse range of viewpoints, strategies, and academic information which purely domestic American sources might not offer a direct connection to.

American Society of Criminology

The ASC is a well-established, decades-old organization which exists to further the study of criminology and justice in all respects. In addition to hosting annual conventions with a broad range of themes and guest speakers,  the society’s website  connects its visitors to a range of online resources. These include relevant social media accounts, offering networking opportunities for currently enrolled college students, and connections to potential sources for grant money for individuals pursuing related degree programs. It provides an up-to-date list of highly accredited degree programs throughout the United States, as well as offering access to some of the most reputable journals in existence.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Modern, online encyclopedias are far more interactive than their hardbound forebears, and the Encyclopedia Britannica is one of the most reputable in the world. It is the standard by which other encyclopedias are compared, including the World Book Encyclopedia, and the collaborative Wikipedia.  Britannica’s relevant entry  contains a great deal of historical information on the field, but it also goes deeper: it links the interested student to other Britannica articles on closely related subjects, and presents reputable, scholarly articles and authenticated news sources with regard to current events and applications.

With the expansive scope and growing prevalence of the criminal justice degree, these resources are intended to serve the interests of students looking to refine their focus and find their career paths. With a little browsing, you should be able to maintain helpful networks with professionals and other students pursuing the discipline, while tracking down ample resources suitable for dissertations and other academic projects.

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