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Marketing Internships

  • AARP Internship For Entertainment Marketing
  • AFLAC Sales And Marketing Program
  • AFLAC Sales And Marketing Program
  • Fund for Education Abroad
  • ESBN Management Internship

If you’ve got ambitions of making a name for yourself in the marketing world, then there are plenty of options for potential internships that you can participate in to gain valuable experience.

While there may be some fields in which having pre-existing experience is a necessity just to be considered eligible to start, marketing is a field in which the generous opportunities for entirely independent work makes the entry barrier practically nonexistent; however, it usually turns out to be that those who have the most professional experience tend to perform more successfully on average than otherwise.

If you’d like to go the extra mile to gain valuable experience in professional marketing before fully diving into the lifestyle with it as your primary source of income, then consider the following internships as options. Even if you don’t specifically choose any one of these particular internships due to their locations, consider the advantages that they offer as standards for how to qualify internships that are within an area that you’re willing to commute to.

AARP Internship For Entertainment Marketing

In this internship offered by the  American Association of Retired Persons (AARP ), you will be an ICM Media Promotions Graduate intern. You will have the opportunity to both sharpen your marketing skills and contribute to a good cause at the same time. Some of the key skill areas that the internship focuses on are project planning efficiency, multi-channel promotion strategies, promotion plan development, marketing collateral development, and ways to facilitate the execution of successful events. Participating in this environment can give you a good opportunity to gain experience in how to contribute to a matrix-modeled team.

AFLAC Sales And Marketing Program

This is one of the best opportunities for gaining direct experience in how to execute effective marketing plans in a real-world environment. While some internships may treat interns as supplementary personnel to the office, this internship will give you the opportunity to become a key contributor to essential marketing and sales initiatives held by the organization; not only is this a very valuable test of your abilities, but it is also a good way to become intimately familiar with just where the lines between marketing and sales goals lie.

Fund for Education Abroad

This is a communications internship that can provide you with beneficial academic funding support if you happen to fall into a demographic that isn’t particularly well-represented in the country’s study abroad population. Gaining marketing and sales experience in American organizations is certainly valuable, but gaining experience on an international basis provides an even more thorough foundation of knowledge.

CoreSphere Marketing Internship

If you want to be able to test and develop your abilities to exercise innovative and adaptive marketing practices, then this is an opportunity to work with an organization that encourages those very goals. The internship isn’t just one in which you’re expected to provide additional assistance to take care of ongoing task faster, but one that is explicitly designed for the benefit of burgeoning marketers who have a desire to get closer to their full potential.

ESBN Management Internship

This marketing internship with the Entrepreneurs Small Business Network (ESBN) will allow you to gain valuable experience working with a decent number of large-scale companies aimed at facilitating more successful goal outcomes in businesses and individuals alike. Not only will you be able to pick up some valuable skills for facilitating more productivity, but you’ll also be able to get in contact with a fair number of highly prominent companies that may take note of your skills and reach out to you with interest if you perform well enough.

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