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Human Services Jobs

  • School Social Worker
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselor
  • Director of Human Services Agency
  • Human Services Caseworker
  • Grant Writer

Human Services is a field that has tremendous potential for anyone looking for a rewarding career working closely with people. There are basically two branches of human services jobs. Social service specialists in the human services industry help people to improve the quality of their lives. Mental health specialists help people with a variety of needs trying to change their behavior. Some career paths require a bachelor’s degree and some need a more advanced degree such as a masters or doctorate. Following are 5 great jobs in the human services industry.

School Social Worker

School social workers  are part of the special education team in a public school district. They work with parents, students, and the school staff to help identify students who are struggling because of developmental issues. Once these students are identified, school social workers are able to work within the school system to get these kids the services they need to overcome their mental, emotional, and/or physical limitations. School social workers help bridge the gap between the students and the direct and indirect services that they need to be successful in school. This career path generally requires a Masters in Human Services.

Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Drug and alcohol counselors treat people suffering from addiction problems. They can work with their clients one on one in personalized individual settings or they can work with a group of people at the same time. Counselors can set up treatment plans for their clients and help educate them regarding their disease and addictive personalities. They will continually monitor their client’s progress to determine whether the treatment is working and modify the program as necessary. This career path generally takes a more advanced degree such as a Masters or even a Doctorate in Human Services.

Director of Human Services Agency

A director of a human services agency oversees the day to day operations of their agency. This job includes a wide range of duties such as hiring and overseeing their human services employees, creating plans and budgets, and delegating tasks to ensure that the agency is running smoothly. This job is generally done in an office setting with occasional trips into the field to evaluate their program’s effectiveness. This career path requires an advanced degree in addition to several years of experience.

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Human Services Caseworker

A caseworker works closely with families in crisis to determine what resources they need to help children where there has been an allegation of neglect or abuse. The main focus of a caseworker is to ensure that children have a safe and healthy environment to live in. Removal of the child is a last resort. Caseworkers will help the family to access state and local resources in addition to classes and whatever else the family needs to provide a healthy environment.

Grant Writer

One of the most critical jobs in the non-profit human services industry is that of a  grant writer . Grant writers pull all the information and documentation together to apply for funding for their agencies. A grant writer must understand the needs of both the human services industry and the various funding organizations available. This position requires excellent research skills in addition to top-notch computer and writing skills. Generally a bachelor degree can get you started in this position.


There are many different career paths available to anyone interested in human services jobs. The rewards include working either directly or indirectly with people who need help and making a difference in their lives.

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