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Data Architecture & Design Jobs

  • Database Architect
  • Design Analyst
  • App Designer
  • Data Analyst
  • Systems Analyst

If you are considering earning a degree in data architecture and design, it pays to know how you’d like to use it in your career. In other words, which types of jobs interest you the most? Will earning this type of degree give you the credentials that you need to get them? Learn about the five most popular jobs in data architecture and design to ensure that you get what you need out of your education.

1. Database Architect

Not surprisingly, a considerable number of those who earn degrees in data architecture and design go on to become  database architects . Also known as DBAs, database architects create and manage large databases to store and organize huge amounts of data. These professionals work closely with design analysts, software designers, and others to help companies grow and expand into new markets. They are talented coders who know how to develop databases that meet businesses’ objectives. They also perform routine maintenance, updates, upgrades and other work on existing databases.

2. Design Analyst

The best design analysts are naturals at performing analyses, but they are also very creative. In this role, you would determine what the company is looking for in a new program and what end users expect from it too. You will then use this information to help design databases, apps and other programs that suit the needs of both. Design analysts create programs from scratch and also work on improving existing programs, so they are always in high demand, and that isn’t expected to change anytime soon.

3. App Designer

The mobile revolution is well upon us, so demand for effective and engaging mobile applications is stronger than ever. With a degree in data architecture and design, you will be well-positioned to apply for jobs as an app designer or developer. The job is fairly self-explanatory: Typically, an app designer is given instructions from their employer about what they need an app to accomplish, and they then design it. Once the coding is done, they test the app before having it go live. Additional upgrades and fixes are typically required, so the work tends to span long periods of time.

4. Data Analyst

Data analysts take massive amounts of data-typically in the form of numbers-and translate it to make sense to everyday people. As such, they help companies achieve a wide array of crucial goals, and their work tends to be quite varied. One day, you might help determine the optimal price for a new product; the next, you might figure out how many employees should work over the weekend during a given month. There are many job titles within this category, including marketing analyst, operations analyst and financial analyst.

5. Systems Analyst

Systems analysts assess a company’s existing computer system and procedures and designs solutions for various issues. Their goal is to make computer systems and procedures as effective and efficient as possible. As a systems analyst, you will straddle the worlds of business and IT. Systems analysts don’t necessarily always create custom software and solutions. Oftentimes, they’re also charged with selecting, upgrading and configuring “off-the-shelf” software. They must be able to get along with and communicate effectively with both IT professionals and employees at various levels of an organization, as their input plays a crucial part in many business processes.

As you can see, you can take your pick from a diverse assortment of career opportunities by earning a degree in data architecture and design. You don’t even necessarily have to work exclusively in information technology if you don’t want to, so there’s plenty of flexibility.

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