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Best Classes for January

  • Computer Science for Non-Majors
  • Marketing
  • Speech
  • Statistics
  • Personal Finance

The January term is a great opportunity for students to study one of the five useful classes below. From marketing to public speaking, the ability to focus solely on one course for a month is a productive way to face challenges head-on. Likewise, the camaraderie of facing a difficult class with motivated classmates makes the following courses even more engaging.

1. Computer Science for Non-Majors

Computer literacy is a requirement for everyone these days, but what about more advanced topics like basic programming, IT troubleshooting, and cybersecurity? Everyone from business majors to chemistry students can benefit from a solid foundational understanding of computers. Staying safe on the web can be surprisingly complicated, making computer science incredibly valuable to everyone. Even understanding basic PC hardware can help individuals save money on tech purchases and even follow global trends like cryptocurrency mining. After taking a computer science course in January, students gain valuable skills that go beyond the typical “Microsoft Word proficiency” written on everyone’s resumes.

2. Marketing

Another invaluable skill for every student is marketing. For better or worse, advertising and marketing are pervasive, and they aren’t only useful for large corporations or business majors. Indie musicians, illustrators and writers can all make great use of marketing to earn income in their creative yet competitive fields. Likewise, marketing will help any professional understand how to add value to his or her place of employment. Offering a free eBook in exchange for an email or providing low-cost merchandise aren’t just for fun. They are strategic ways to market and get as many eyes on the product as possible. On the other hand, understanding typical marketing tactics can turn students into savvy consumers for life.

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3. Speech

Public speaking skills are absolutely necessary for any line of work. Although plenty of students dread this topic, it’s easy to see the benefits. This is a great class to take in January term because, as Forbes points out, public speaking skills make millennials competitive in the world of business. Compacting this class into a single month means anxious students can quickly conquer their fears while gaining invaluable skills in the process.

4. Statistics

Although this subject may seem daunting, it’s actually relevant and engaging in all aspects of life. From understanding medical data to analyzing company growth, a basic understanding of statistics is a bonus for every resume. Numbers are not intuitive, and data can be easily misunderstood if students aren’t taught about biases and proper data interpretation. In fact, this is one of the best classes to take in January because it will drastically improve decision-making skills and data analysis by the end of the semester.

5. Personal Finance

A brief but in-depth overview of personal finance is useful for absolutely any student. A personal finance course is valuable because it goes over topics like compound interest, low-risk investing, understanding loan options, how to get out of debt, and itemized deductions. This knowledge is vital for every young professional entering the workforce. Likewise, New York Post reports that most high school students are not required to study personal finance, making this course even more necessary. Overall, January is the perfect time to study personal finance.

From biology majors to studio artists, everyone can take advantage of these interesting classes. No matter the major, the courses listed above are all relevant, worthy classes for January term.

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