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Crime Blogs

  • All Things Crime Blog
  • Murder Map
  • Defrosting Cold Cases
  • Court Junkie
  • True Crime Historian

Blogs about crime are a wealth of information for people who want to follow along with some of the most famous cases in the world. They often try to dissect why a person has committed a crime, and how authorities were able to catch the criminal and bring that person or people to trial. It also covers some of the cold cases and stories like why people confess to crimes they couldn’t have committed.

1.  All Things Crime Blog

Patrick H. Moore has been a private investigator as well as an author of crime novels. His blog covers true crime currently in the news as well as historical crimes in the past. From serial killers to mass murderers, this blog covers a variety of crimes as well as crime in literature. It digs into cases like Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, as well as others like Aileen Wuornos, the first high-profile female serial killer.

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2.  Murder Map

This blog takes a look at one area of the world and puts a pin in each location where there’s been a murder. The murder might have been gun related, and would be marked with a red pin. Poison deaths are given a light purple pin, and a murder perpetrated with a knife has a blue pin. The site wants to be the first to have a murder database for London with each pin representing a crime from its first deadly reporting to the conviction of a criminal. All information comes from police reports, court records and reports in the media.

3.  Defrosting Cold Cases

This blog is meant to be a resource covering old cases which have gone unsolved. That might be because the murder was unsolved or because there were wrongful convictions, which means the criminal is still out there and the case is unsolved. The blog hopes to fill in the gaps for those looking for information since many libraries and court entities don’t have the newspapers or paperwork they should. Each month, there’s a Case of the Month, which puts a spotlight on a crime.

4.  Court Junkie

Jillian created this website after being fascinated by crime on television. Her first exposure was when CourtTV was running their nonstop coverage of the OJ Simpson trial. On the blog, she covers cases like the murder of Hannah Wilson or the case of Sheila Von Weise-Mack. The blog includes a podcast where listeners can hear court cases, witness statements, and statements from criminals. There’s also a Facebook discussion group for those who want a forum to discuss with other junkies.

5.  True Crime Historian

This site is laid out like an old-fashioned newspaper. Each case that is covered is laid out in story-format, which brings the reader on a journey through these cases that happened years ago. Some of them read like hard-boiled crime fiction like those written by hard-boiled writers Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammette. There are also podcasts detailing these long-ago true crimes. One podcast tells the story of the first case where fingerprints were used.

Crime blogs are a place where a person interested in criminal justice and the history of crime can read stories of real cases and how killers were brought to justice. Blogs about crime try to explain how and why someone would commit some horrific acts.

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