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5 Fun Jobs You Can Pursue With An Engineering Degree

  • Apple Genius
  • LEGO Designer
  • Roller Coaster Engineer
  • Athletics Engineer
  • Candy Engineer

Despite its rise in academic and professional popularity, many people still automatically stifle yawns the second someone mentions he or she is an engineer. Perhaps this is because few outside the engineering community really understand what engineers do every day. In reality, many people in this field have fun engineering jobs such as these five.

1. Apple Genius

Few people would describe Apple as  boring . Additionally, who would not want to work under the title of Genius every day? Apple Geniuses are the technological heroes who repair iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and every other Apple product in between. True to the name, not just an average person can become an Apple Genius. Hired applicants must have a strong academic background in engineering, as well as the upbeat,sophisticated, and quirky personality that makes Apple Apple.

2. LEGO Designer

LEGOs are no longer just for kids. LEGOs are no longer just toys. Anyone who has ever visited a LEGOLand park, or even a LEGO store, knows that LEGOs are building blocks of art and culture. They bring to life a wide variety of interests through elaborate figures and, most recently, cinematic productions. Behind every LEGO set and and movie is a team of engineers. LEGO is not the only toy with an engineering base, and, like LEGOs, engineering is no longer just for boys.  The Huffington Post  explored the Robotics Engineer Barbie as a popular new toy to get girls excited about engineering.

3. Roller Coaster Engineer

For many people,  fun  is synonymous with  thrilling . One of the most popular ways to catch a thrill is by riding a roller coaster. Those moments when you hang perilously at the top of the first drop, experience zero gravity on the way down, and lose all normal sensation and perception…those moment are each dreamed up and carefully crafted in to existence by talented and very cool engineers. Without engineers, roller coasters would not only be less exciting, they would be downright dangerous.

4. Athletics Engineer

Hey there, sports fans! Whether you play the game or just cheer on those who do, sports is a field of physics, and turning the elements of physics into America’s favorite pass times is a job for engineers. From designing rinks and stadiums, to crafting balls, to training athletes and writing plays, it all comes down to accurate engineering. This is such a vast sub-field that there is even an  International Sports Engineering Association .

5. Candy Engineer

Most people will think this one is a joke. However, candy-making is serious engineering business! All types of engineers come together to create the perfect sweet treat. The specialized machinery needed to make it, the shape of each morsel and how to maintain it, the process of keeping it fresh from factory to consumer, the aesthetics and functionality of the packaging…there is an engineer on board at every step.

The next time you meet an engineer, dig a little deeper before you assume he or she has a boring job. Chances are, they spend every single day contributing to something you enjoy! Those who love math and science but also like having a good time might consider an academic and career path leading to fun engineering jobs like these five.

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