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Information Technology Entry Level Jobs

  • Computer Programming
  • Systems Engineering
  • Database Administration
  • Network Architecture
  • Storage Engineering

Many people believe that the IT industry has faded since the start of the 21st century and that there are no more jobs in information technology for recent college graduates. While it’s true that the nature of the IT industry has changed dramatically since the late 1990s and early 2000s, entry-level jobs in this field are still available, and the industry  is actually growing  more quickly than average due to new jobs being created in fields such as Web design and health care.

Computer Programming

Entry-level programming is one of the most common jobs in information technology because it gives computer science graduates the perfect stepping stone to a high-paying career in software design or engineering. Computer science courses in college prepare students for basic coding and application programming jobs, and it’s not even necessary to have a four-year degree to get hired for one of these positions. Web programming is one of the highest-paying jobs available for graduates with a two-year degree, and it gives programmers the experience they need to move onto higher-paying positions in the programming industry.

Systems Engineering

A systems engineer works in the role of one of the more traditional jobs in information technology. Whether a computer needs to be repaired or a network needs to be set up, the systems engineer has the knowledge to personally handle the job or walk another employee through the process. A four-year computer science degree is required to obtain this position at most companies, but a related two-year degree may be sufficient to get your foot in the door with some organizations. As a systems engineer, you’ll need to know all about Microsoft Server, Oracle relational database software and Cisco networking equipment.

Database Administration

Since most companies rely heavily on analytics to optimize operations and revenue, a database administrator is needed to keep this mountain of user data maintained and organized. For this job, you’ll need to know SQL programming to be able to use Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database management systems. The job is not highly technical, and it requires only a two-year degree from a junior college in a subject related to computer science. It’s a good springboard to a higher-paying job in Web development or software engineering, depending on your college major.

Network Architecture

Network design is one of the most important jobs in information technology because it involves setting up, testing and maintaining network switches, routers and firewalls. These pieces of equipment enable businesses to connect to the Internet and stay protected from attacks and other unauthorized access. While a dedicated team of cyber security professionals monitors network access at most large corporations, the network architect may be responsible for keeping networks secure at smaller organizations. You won’t need to know how to write software to do this job, but some computer science knowledge can help.

Storage Engineering

Another one of the most highly sought-after jobs in information technology is storage engineer. These professionals set up, maintain and update storage equipment for internal business use as well as for companies that provide cloud computing services. Many of the concepts needed for this job are not widely known, such as Storage Area Network, or SAN, protocol and Internet Small Computer System Interface, or iSCSI, protocol. While it does require a four-year degree in management information systems or computer science, storage engineering is an entry-level profession with the opportunity for promotion and higher salary.

Technology is one of the most important aspects of any modern business, and corporations need skilled IT professionals now more than ever. If you’re technically inclined and you have an interest in networking or programming, you may want to consider one of the many lucrative jobs in information technology.

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